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Saturday, November 28, 2015

   Assalamualaikum and hello everybody! I'm back from a little hiatus for my preparation for my huge examination and it's already over. The result will be released on March so pray for me! This is the ticket to my journey after this. For your guys information, I schooled in the same school for 5 freakin' years and I couldn't believe that I just survived the 5 wild years in boarding school. Of course, there were loads of memories to be kept in and locked inside my heart. It also brought me to tears that my friends accompanied me to my car before I left for good. (I finished my papers first, so I left 4 days earlier.) Now, I want to recap down to my memory lane.

(Classmates 11/13)

My heartbeats! I love each of them and never regretted to be one of their classmates for 3 holy years. I'm sorry if I barely talk to you guys like I used to when reaching upper form. Please now that I love you guys so much and there's no words that can define what's in my heart. You guys are beautiful and amazing to befriended with! Please don't forget me and if god wills, I'll never forget you.

Now on to 2014. I just realised that I don't actually own many NilamKAYA 2014 class photos. But seriously a year with this class totally make me feel loved and united. A year with them brought me so much memories and even though 2015 we didn't get to be classmates again, I am lucky to have a room beside you guys! Love you guys so much. I'm grateful to be in the same account class. My love is always with you.

Class 2015 which is UNIARA. I don't what to say. But just to let you guys know, I never regretted to be your classmates. At first, I was upset that the class changed and on the first month I felt awkward to be in this class But now I was grateful to have you in my memories. You guys just dig a hole in my heart to accept you guys the way you are! You know that I always love you! UNIARA forever.

Truthfully, 2015 is one of the best year for me. The year to create memories, create power to face all the challenges. If god wills, I'll never forget this year.


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