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Friday, June 03, 2016

    Assalamualaikum and hello lovely earthlings. You guys don't know that I am actually a huge duckie, I must stop my temptation to buy more Duckscarves. God, help me T___T. Anyway, Duck open a bazaar at BSC (Bangsar Shopping Centre) and restock most of the colours(i think) there so why not I 'check' it out. Being a stationeries junkie, I've been eye-ing their notepad since their countless teasers on their instagram.

There are two notepads came in an envelope sleeves and each of the notepads have a pencil attached to it which is truly convenient since I don't want to lose my pencils (especially dUCk pencil) anywhere. My first impression of the notepads was that the size is quite bigger than I expected because I thought that it'll going to be small and cute to write on and all. It measures 21cm x 10.5cm but the size actually doesn't bothers me a lot. I'm pretty okay with it.

The thickness is okay and the surface of the paper is quite smooth to write on which is important for me because my mood can instantly change if my pencil suddenly poke a hole into it. You get what I mean.... Oh and I love how they are magnetic and we can simply stick them to the fridge or whiteboard. Very simple but useful for all the housewives out there! Maybe I'm just going to put one of them in my bag and bring it around campus.
The only thing I would change is the envelope sleeves. I hope they make the sleeves more durable as I'm a clumsy person and that envelope sleeves can get wet or get squash anytime. :') Overall, I love the notepads and very excited to use them. I hope Duck Stationery will come out with more stationeries soon. I will be a loyal customer to dUCk if you release more and more (Please give me coupon codes as return)

They are retailed for RM40 and you can purchase these babies online on FashionValet website or just pop in to their stores! You can also pass by the dUCk Bazaar that is located in Bangsar Shopping Centre, keep in mind that bazaar will only be there until the 3rd of July. Maybe you'll find rare colours of scarves there also. Hehe.

What is your fav stationery brand? ♡

Song of The Day: Best Of Me by Yuna

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  1. i like that to-do list, it is so cute! x

    jess x |

  2. Such amazing notepads. I really like it.
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  3. Lovely post as always! :) x
    Helena - Swedish girl in Tokyo


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