My July Playlist ❤️

Thursday, August 02, 2018

My snap from Good Vibes Fest :)

      Assalamualaikum and hello guys! I think that July flew faster than I thought of but here is my July playlist and I think that I have listened to quite a number of songs and love most of them. So here you go! I hope you like it :)

As you can see, there's quite a number of korean songs in there but oh well, maybe you can have a listen to them! Maybe you'll like it too 😆

What's your fav July song?


My Thoughts On: iKON New Kids: CONTINUE

Thursday, August 02, 2018

        Assalamualaikum and hello guys! The truth revealed, I actually an ikonic in secret. Well not really in secret but in the blog world, I never actually blogged anything related to Korean entertainment? I used to review and give my thoughts on any album a few years back but now I'm going to do it again!

iKON released their mini album on 2nd August and glad that the people are excited for it! Fellow ikonics also were ready to stream their music video.


When Hanbin described the song, I was confused at how the song going to be. The first teaser they brought out, I thought that they will go with the melo-romance style and BAMM, the 2nd teaser drop and they surprise me with the EDM chorus. o.O I was shook. Personal opinion, this is not usually a song that will be on my playlist but the chorus though! It got me hook to the beat and they are killing it with the choreo. Not surprise that Donghyuk and BI was the one who choreo it, they are talented hehe.

"It's killing me again inevitably, your traces remain and torment me"

I always get excited whenever I saw Millennium as one of the producers! He always produced such bops and apparently, he produced 2 songs and both are my favourites in this album! Truthfully, when I hear the guitar sounds it instantly reminds me of 80s vibes/rockish but at the same time..... an anime opening 😂 Well maybe it just me though. Anyway, I really like this song and I think that they never did any songs like this? This is also a totally different genre guys. June voice also fits this song very much, he always has that Rocker voice in him. Especially when he shouts....

"All we need is freedom"

I love how June is the one singing the intro and the chorus. His voice suits perfectly in this song and I'll describe this song as relax and beach/summer songs. Reminds me of One Direction style of songs though. Perfect for you and your partner to stroll down the beach and stay there till the sun sets. That what I imagine when this song is playing. If you listen carefully, there's like an instrumental sound in the background and I freakin' love it! This is 'my' summer song totally.

"Your fingertips, your fragrant lotion"

4. COCKTAIL (칵테일)
OMG, I love this song the minute I listened to it! Surprised surprised, Millennium produced it. No wonder. I l love when Jinhwan sings 'Hey Ladies, cocktail!'This is totally a party + chill songs for your friends to enjoy and I love the part where they say 'eyyy' and the chant in the end. I hope there's an mv for this but maybe not though.

"I am soaked in your majesty"

5. JUST FOR YOU (줄게)
The only ballad in this album and what makes it more special, B.I. wrote it for ikonics. *sniff* I am touched by this song and it's wonderful that they sing a song for their fans. Well, they always do that but this song really like, touched me. In every word and every melody. Their soft voice when they sing this. I love the part where Jinhwan sang in the end. It ends the song perfectly.

"I live because of you, in this endless darkness"

Okay, even though I'm an ikonic but what I just wrote is my honest opinion of each of the songs. I'm proud that YG actually prepare great comebacks for iKON and I hope that he is happy for what iKON has achieved. I love how they can sing and fits in different genres for each song in this mini album. It's not even a full album.

My top 3 songs will be Freedom, Only You and Cocktail.

Hope you guys will listen and support iKON!

Have you listened to their songs yet?


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