Days In Darwin

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Apparently I didn't photograph much in Darwin sadly due to weather over there. There's a day I took a walk and suddenly it rains. The heatness over there is... much more than Malaysia and I was surprised. Before I came to Darwin, I actually thought that I could take up weather over there but I completely lost. The air-conditioning in the room is much more fun. #notproductiveenough Props to whoever living there tho! Anyway, I love how blue the seas are and sadly I couldn't swim at the beaches are fill with Mr. crocodiles and jellyfish. Boohoo. :(

We also went for the Anzac Parade and truthfully when they marched the road, I can feel their emotions and spirit along the parade. Almost teared me up actually but I'm a strong girl darl! Personally, I see Darwin as a lovely city and if you a boat cruisers, you will pretty much love here. There are many cruisers there and the house with the sea view is just gorg. #richpeoplegoals Anyway, that's all from my trip here. Adios lovelies ♡

Have you been to Darwin before?


April Playlist 🎶

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

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   Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies!
So April is the month where I discovered new songs and genres that I like. There's mainstream, indie and some that you might like and check out my spotify playlist for the full playlist!

I've been replaying Lust for Life and Quit like forever in love with them ♡ Fangirling the to be exact. :p

What's your April Plays?



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