Monday, November 12, 2012

HA ! Siape dah tengok ? Best tak ?
aku dah tengok dah 2 hari lepas .

Result nye ?
Best ! Pandai Bernard Chauly mengarah !
Cume Tomok punye lakonan slack sikit laaa . Apepun pandai Lisa dan Beto mainkan watak die.
(ceh, macam pengkritik pulak)

Istanbul Aku Datang tells the story of a ditzy but kind hearted blogger girl named Dian, who travels to Istanbul, determined to get her boyfriend to put a ring on her finger! When she arrives, her boyfriend Azad grows increasingly distant from her, and she is forced to find her own place to stay. She is then cheated into staying with annoying Haris, and has no money to find another place. Although the two begin to rub each other up the wrong way, Haris slowly starts to hold a soft spot in her heart, and Dian must choose between the two men in her life. Follow Dian on her Turkish adventures in her search for true love.

Background die cantik laa.
Nanti nak try pergi la :)

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Appreciated :)


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