Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

    Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! Happy New Year!!!!

Alright! It's midnight now and it's officially 2014 ! *blow party horn* *celebrates alone* Well, actually I'm not really celebrating it. Just in my mind and I'm going to go to sleep after I finish writing this post because tomorrow is the day to go back to my 'lovely' school. Great, isn't it? Come on. Agree with me on this.(Not.) Well, should I do a 'New Year Resolutions' like everyone did? Should I really do it? Well, not feeling into it :) Why waste time waiting from 2014 when you can actually make it on the first place? Come on, answer me on this.

2014. Is the year that I will open a new book consists of my new life turning 16. Now, I can't wait for my sweet 16 birthday on November. Turning form 4 also. Facing new subjects, *cough*killer subjects *cough*. Will work through that! Remember that Marsya!

From me, Marsya.

Thank you mum&dad,families,relatives,friends,teachers,people that I don't know that knows me and my ONE & ONLY GOD. You that make this truly happens with your willing. Will always have Your name in my heart forever & always.

FOR NOW, what I wanted to see in 2014 is......

Well,that is like 1/4 things that I'll wait for 2014. So, what's 2014 going to feels? Great? No? Bored? just another plain old bored year? Hmmm, maybe you should think about that.

Okay, so that's all lovelies! Thank you for reading this post and Happy New Year to everyone! You have a splendid day and goodbye. :)


Guilty Pleasures.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

    Assalamualaikum everyone? How's your day? Fine? What is YOUR guilty pleasure? What's mine? Continue reading!

So, I have many, I mean MANY guilty pleasure. Well, it bring me to pleasure so what hecks? I will list my top 3 guilty pleasure!

Okay, my first guilty pleasure ! CHOCOLATE. Give me chocolate, I will love you. Except for chipsmore. I don't know why but I don't like that kind of taste. I love brownies, chocolate fudge, chocolate cake, chocolate syrup or anything with chocolate !!!

All time fave. Melted choc cake ! 

Now on to my SECOND! Something cute! ANYTHING cute. Cute notebook, cute packaging, cute toys, etc. What makes me guilty is I can't resist buying them! Which I always control. Yup, always and it's hard. So, you want me to buy your stuff? Make it cute, cute packaging(and cheap.) Maybe I consider..?

you know you can't resist this. If you someone like me.

My THIRD one is fandom. Yup. Fandom. Now, I'm obsess with Huger Games! As a tribute(hehe), I love the story so much! Freakin' love it. Now, I'm currently reading Mockingjay because I can't wait for the next movie to be release next year! I'll be sure to watch it next year! For sure. Being a fan of The Hunger Games, I also a fan of Jennifer Lawrence. She's one of the good role model because she's always speak of why people are so care of body weights. She wanted the word 'fat' to be ban on an interview. :)

So, what is your guilty pleasure? Share with me. Anything can be a guilty pleasure if you want to.
All the images are borrowed from Google.
That's all you guys! Goodbye and have a nice day :)

Song of the day : One Life - Justin Bieber
Quote of the day : 


2013 is ending. Hello 2014.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

   Assalamualaikum! How are you? Wonderful? Merry? Happy? Joy? Sad? Uhh. Just put a smile and laugh about it.

Today is 24th of December! Which means I got about a week holiday left and then it's school time. Yeayyyy. Happy. (Not really..) Today post is just to recap back the memories that I kept through my journey in the year of 2013. Actually, it was one of my best year so far. Being surrounded with friends is a great moment. But now is the time to open a new chapter in our life.

Let's start shall we?

I still remember how I was terrified to enter 2013! Why? Because I'll be the PMR victim! The second big exam before SPM. But maybe, now I'm grateful because of 2013. From the 1st Jan till now. Still happy. If I rewind back to the past memories, I think it will be a mouthful(not really) of them since it's so many! The tears that I had to the moments that I can laugh until sleep is the moments that I can't take back. But I will never regret it.

Why I love this year?

BECAUSE. 2013 is the year that will be the last for batch 11/13(my batch). We don't know if next year there will be people who are transferring to another school or anything. This year also is my most hi and low year. There's fought between batch and friends. Between boys and girls (haha.) Months pass away with all the love-hate emotions. Sometimes , we just should forgive and forget. But people(including me) just forgive and NEVER can forget. Right? Tell me that I'm correct. ;)

My class :) Although not everyone here.

Some of my batchmates :) Love my batch ❤︎

Okay, so there's are some of my memories I shared with you guys. Well, what will next year be? New friends? New people? I hope my classmates will never forget me. :( Love my friends.Love my classmates. Love my batch.

2013 also the year that I learn very new things. :) But yeah, every day we will learn new things. If 2013 is well a , meh bad or not a good year for you. Don't worry there's a few days that you can actually make it wonderful! Remember that! Happiness is what you create, not what you'll get. (quote by Marsya Jauzi) Haha.

So, that's all! Not much to write actually. So goodbye everyone! :D


By the way, if you are a Victoria's Secret lover. I just bought three items from there because they had this FREAKIN' SALE. SO! If you a fan, go VS now! They are having a huge sale !!!! Even online! :D

That's all. Okay. goodbye. :)


Comfortable with your own body!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

     Assalamualaikum everyone! Girls! My followers! :D

Today, I want to write a post about body preference. I don't know why all of a sudden, there's a feel to writing this post. So, if you want to continue reading this? Go on! :)

In this 21th century, I always heard how girls love to lose weight to get more SKINNY. But, why? I mean, if you lose weigh to a healthier body then that's okay. Like from overweight to normal, that's good! But normal to underweight? But you just order a ticket to poison up your body and leads you to risk your life for a freakin' model body. Strict up your diet, eat only one food per day. I mean, it's ridiculous!

I have friends who are skinny, but they are actually healthy. Some people are skinny also because of the genetics. You can't deny that tho. You want to lose weight? Do it! Even I'm currently on the way to losing weight. But not to be stick-thin. I'm size 6, so is it wrong? What I want to say right now is, saying 'you're too fat' is just the same as saying 'you're too skinny'. I don't know if some people actually boast about how they are skinny or fat. But, yeah. Some things happen sometimes.


Sometimes, if you ask me. Do you actually want to be thin. Yup, I admit I do sometimes wishing to be slimmer. But not like this picture. Slimmer in my vocab is meant to be more fit. Healthy, fit! Energise! That's what I want! People always wishing to have like, flat tummy, thigh gap, slimmer legs, hourglass figure, etc. But just be happy with your body! People bring you down? Look at them and always think, nobody perfect! Even the most likeable celebrities got haters and there's us. People going to hate even a tiny bit from us. Remember that.

Again, you are a human being. Not a barbie doll that you want somebody to just play and not to love. If you guys had suffer anorexic, bulimia, an eating disorder or obesity before then don't return to that past. Be confident on your own body! Always keep yourself healthy!

Want to lose weight? Cut the fat layers? Congratulations! But it depends on your choice.

But if you think back. EVERYONE is beautiful. ALL girls in the world is BEAUTIFUL. The way they are created. :)

Nobody likes you? Remember, God is ALWAYS by your side.

Song of the day : The Broken Ones by Dia Frampton
Quote of the day :

Okay! That's all! Goodbye everyone! :D


PMR Result.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

   Assalamualaikum earthlings and to fellow Malaysians ❤︎
How are you today? Fine? Having a bad day? Don't worry. Lay down and think about happy moments

So today is the 19th of December. Why I'm mentioning this date? Well, because today is the day that I got my PMR result. What is PMR? It stands for Penilaian Menengah Rendah or Lower Secondary Assesment. Yup, today is the day! Today is the day that my hearts thumping louder than ever.

The results were released at 11 o'clock in the morning. The feelings? Wanting to jump off the cliff, for sure. But maybe I could canceled that. I arrived at 10 o'clock (which actually the result should be released at 10 a.m. but no) and spotted Mardiyana (my classmate) just got back from the bookshop. I asked her about my debt to the bookshop and she's kindly accompanying me to the bookshop to pay my debt. 2 months not seeing each other feels different for a sudden. But, oh well.

We walked together and were waiting for other classmates to come. Then, we saw Copi walked with her brother. Omg, she's getting smaller. She did told me that she was losing some weight. I was like, you are freaking small and you want to lose weight some more!?!? But if she's feeling healthy than that's okay.

Just imagine, we were surrounded by the nervous atmosphere. Butterflies were fulling my stomach.


& this.

Then, we saw Riski. She came to us with the nervous face, her style of nervous face of course. She said to me that she couldn't get 8A's. BUT, she's wrong. You never know what fate lead us? Then we walked from the DDO Square to the toilet back and forth. Suddenly, Namira said to us that the result was released. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG, I was like. Oh god. Then, Copi got a text that wrote she's got 8A's. We quickly congratulated her and I quickly checked the result via text using Copi phone. But waiting for the text was like waiting for my laptop to grow ears.....

Then, suddenly Ieja called all of us that we can enter the library to take the result. I was like. Can't explain with words.

Me, Copi, Mar, Riski and Peya entered the library together and we lined up together to take the result. Slow and steady. When I arrived at the slip table, the clerk quickly congratulated me. Confused. He said that my mom already know the result and he said that I got straight A's. No, I wouldn't believe it until I get the slip in my hands. But,dreams do come true. (But not last night dream. That dream was horrible!) Finally, I have the grades in my hands and my friends did too.

So happy to know that many of my friends get straight A's. We also increase the ranking which make me happy. Thank you to all the people that congratulated us! :) Never feeling this happy. Well, SPM is waiting for us next two years. Believe in yourself and always remember that god IS always with us. No matter what happens :)

Thank you to ALL my teachers, friends, classmates, mom and dad and my whole family. Lastly, thank You the most to God for making this happen. Proud of 98's.

Wish I can send this to ALL of you

Now, I'll be packing my stuff to go back to the hostel. Don't know why our year we got to go early a week than usual -,- KIKS will welcome us, with pleasure...

The reason I wrote this post is to share with you my experience and to calm down any people when the time of the results are release. Remember, believe in yourself! ..& suicide is not the best answer.. ALWAYS not the best answer!

For my cousin, Nana. I know you did your best on the exam and now it's your turn! InshaAllah. I'll pray my best for you :)

Recommended Song to Listen : The Scientist by Coldplay (Covered by Tyler Ward, Kina Grannis and Lindsey Stirling)

Quote of the day:    


Reaction to : Banga! Banga! by Austin Mahone (Mahomies Alert)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

    Assalamualaikum or hello everyone and fellow Mahomies ! ❤︎

Just, today. I woke up on 9 am. (Well, I woke up at 5am then do my prayer and went back to sleep)
& the FIRST thing I do isssss! Preparing my cereal and then open my laptop and open the wifi.... THEN! Went to Austin twitter to search for the video! & then!! Watching the Banga Banga music video while eating cereal :) Well, having a fangirling moment right there .... After that, I just kept replaying so it will go on & on & on ....

WHAT? Haven't watch the video yet?

Click here !

Well, my reaction to this music video is ...

Get the picture?

And if you don't like Austin Mahone. Don't blame on me! I'm a normal girl. Tell me that you never been fangirling in your WHOLE life ;) But what I'm extremely jealous right now is ..

Who is she?????
But, it's okay. She's pretty... Maybe she's the type of girl that Austin likes. :) But I hope she didn't get chase by the fangirls. That's all.

About this video!
I love the theme that focused on the skate-theme, also loves the graffiti! It's a colourful theme also! Austin also said that this song is different from his previous songs. He wanted to be more 'mature' since he is going to turn 18 in a couple of months. Well, this video really shows the flirty side of him. But, it's easy for him if he want to pick up girls, just used his looks and BAM! He gets the girl! Easy right?

Well, that's all, I think? I'm speechless as a fangirl. Well, Mahomies right? Actually, love the fact that he come this far. Even if he don't recognise me or don't even know I'm exist. I always support him :)

& if you a hater!! Read this .

That's all! Goodbye! Thank you for reading this post ! :)


Reaction to : Midnight Memories by One Direction ! :D

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

  Assalamualaikum! or Hello Everyone! Directioners! Earthlings! How are you doing! Fine? Me too!

Well, on my hand now there is a Midnight Memories album and actually, I am pretty excited when I bought this a few hours ago and I got a calendar! :D

But sadly, I didn't found the deluxe album. *sigh*
Let me go through ALL the songs in it!

1.Best Song Ever
Their first single from this album. This song is like a happy-happy song, get it? For me, at least. Yes, it's not my favourite song from MM but it's not boring for me. Sometimes, this song can cheer me up :)

2.Story Of My Life
I LOVE this song. One thing is because the lyrics, Written in these walls are the stories that I can't explain/I leave my heart open but it stays right here empty for days/She told me in the morning she don't feel the same about us in her bones/Seems to me that when I die these words will be written on my stone. I love poetic kind of lyrics. That's why this is in my TOP 5 songs from MM. Also I love how the music video explains about their life. Zayn sister, Liam family, Harry mother, Louis parents and Niall brother made an appearance in the video.

What funny is that this song kind of reminds me of some what like 5 boys talking to one girl. Which (to me) is funny. Which like 5 guys fighting over a girl which is Diana. Actually, I wish this song will have a music video. I REALLY wish tho. xD

4.Midnight Memories
For me, this is a rock music. Not 1D kind of song but I actually enjoyed this song very much. The verse part seems like it shows the sexiness of them. Yup, really a slow/rock music. There's r&b in it too. I enjoyed Harry do the 'ouahhhhhh' part . uhh, I don't know how to describe it . Is it a kind of shout ? Lol.

5. You & I
I REALLY like ballad type of song. When I first heard this song, I just like..... Directioner explode. Love it :) It's a rock ballad music. I really love the guitar solo. Their voices, their feelings when singing this song. *sigh* In my top 25 most played playlist on itunes for sure! (Next to Moment, which is my most favourite song from 1D.)

6. Don't Forget Where You Belong
Personally, for me. This song is about even though a person like, travel or always leaving the places and always feel some what lonely. Always don't forget where you belong, which is your home. Your place. I actually like this song. It's not about lovey dovey song like they usually sings. This actually shows a mature side of them. So, this is the bridge of the song. Lights off when they should be on/Even stars in the skies above/Short days when the nights are long/When I think of the days I've gone/Don't matter how far I've gone–/I'm always feeling at home./Oh. & the wikipedia wrote that Niall co-wrote this song. Applause for you Niall :)

7. Strong
Before I bought this album. I've heard of this song from one of youtubers video. I don't remember who put this song in their video tho but I love it since the first time I've heard this song! Of course, this is a love song. Like what I've wrote before, I like to read so kind of poetic lyrics. People/Always/Trying to escape it./Move on to stop their heart breaking./But there's nothing I'm running from./You make me strong. It's basically about a guy that feeling breathless without his love ones. Which it is kind of sweet if a guy sing to their partner.

8. Happily
Happily is a song with the same 'one direction' style. Get it? I have all 1D album and this song is just the same. Nothing special to me I guess. But yeah, this song is catchy since the lyrics are mostly said that they're on fire. (Which I don't know why it seems like funny to me)

9. Right Now
FIRST THING. Don't get mad at me for writing this!!! This song reminds me of The Wanted. Seriously! If you listen to TW new album or the previous one. Or you simply a TW fan. You know that this song is kind of similar to TW style of music. But yeah, I like this kind of music to listen when I'm showering. It's a compliment, okay! I like to hear relaxing songs when I'm on shower.

10. Little Black Dress
This song is similar to Midnight Memories. From the tune, the music, the way they sing. Only the lyrics and a bit of adjustment and voila! Little Black Dress was born! Classic rock kind of song, huh ? Nothing special to me.

11. Through The Dark
It started with kind of a country like of song. I mean like, the guitar playing reminds me of country songs. A puppy love song again? Well, 1D is grown up now so does their songs.Oh I will carry you over fire and water for your love/And I will hold you closer/Hope your heart is strong enough/When the night is coming down on you/We will find a way through the dark. For the sake of love! I will sacrifice myself to carry you over fire and water and just let me burn! Oh yes, I like that!

12. Something Great
When you guys hear this song. Do you ever feel like this is kinda a 'christmasy' kind of song? For me, hell yeah! I know this song is not christmas related. But this song is kind of heartbreak-want you back-want you here song. XD. Not christmas! If it is, a sad christmas. But the music. Really, it have that kind of music!

13. Little White Lies
Totally laughing at this lyrics. Your hands touching me, they're touching me./And your eyes keep saying things./They say what we do/When it's only me and you./I can't concentrate./That's all I'm thinking about./All I keep thinking about/Everything else just fades away. It's weird since there's actually a young directioner here. Well, that's all just little white lies, okay. Or black lies. White lies seems innocent. Hmmm.

14. Better Than Words
This song is similar to their songs just like a typical 1D song. For me, nothing special (again) for me. But yeah, it's kind of catchy.BUT. Look at this. Best I ever had/Hips don't lie/You make me wanna sss/One more night/Irreplaceable (yeah), crazy, we're crazy.  This lyrics make me want to freakin' laugh. I mean, do you ever going to think what sss means? & it's Niall singing that part. (It's Niall right?) I mean, he seems so innocent. Can't imagine! I don't mind if Harry sing this part, but Niall? *Laughmyfreakin'assoff*  Anyway, he is my favourite member from 1D ;) Well, they've grown up isn't?

Well, that's the end of this album! NOW. MY TOP 5 songs from Midnight Memories!

1. YOU & I

Well, that's my top 5 and the finish of my review or reaction or something that you want to call. I am NOT a  professional critic. This is just from my own personal thoughts. I mean, maybe there's a song in this album that I don't really enjoy that you LOVE? I mean, not all people have same opinions right? :)

My ratings :

Well, I actually REALLY excited for this album and I expected MORE from this album But its kind of dissapointed me :( Not ALL songs I enjoy. Nothing special. But yeah, I recommend you to buy this if you don't yet! :D Don't worry, I am a Directioner :)

Btw, I like Take Me Home more than this album.

Picture quote of the day:  
awww, isn't he is just a sweet boy ? :)

Okay, so goodbye everyone! If you want to me review more! Just comment! :D


"Why am I so lazy?"

Saturday, December 07, 2013

               Assalamualaikum or hello people :) How's your day? I hope you have a splendid day! ♥︎

Okay, look at the title. Why I pick that as a title? Well, I just remembered something while I lied at my sofa. It's about my friend, Mira who is also my roommate for 3 years. Well, for who that know her she have been on serious diet and exercising to slim down her weight. Well, me as her roommate and her friend feel so proud of her achievement :) Now, she is beautiful. BUT, yeah there's a but. (Not about her) When time flies as her slimming down progress continues, many people asked her how did she manage to lose weight? What her secrets? Her tips? She was very kind enough to give her tips to keep her body losing weight. I always heard reply like, "okay I will follow your tips!" like or"thanks for your tips, Mira! " I actually kind of happy that many of my friends wanted to slim down and be healthy by following Mira's tips.

But what makes me kind of (sick) of some people. (Sorry if there's anyone are hurt by this) That yes, they follow Mira's diet tip like, take a small portion of food and anything. But have no courage to actually working out :( I know we, as a hostel student maybe have been stuck by a busy schedule that causes us to feeling tired. But take that a little bit of time for exercise. At least for a minor exercise to make you sweating or a cardio. Don't depend on just food. Well, I know that some people actually slim down by a strict diet or just eat healthy but no working out. But for me personally, that just not seems to be right. You actually slim down on the outside, but you do not know what is in the inside.

I know, this is FUN. XD

Workout actually make yourself extra healthy. It don't just burn off your calories but also make you sweat that can lead to a healthier skin. When you are sweating, you actually remove the excess oil off your face. But, after you are working out, you got to quickly wash your face. To avoid any dirt to enter your skin.Working out also make you more confidence on your body and level up your metabolism. Yes, everyone wants that high metabolism right? haha. But trust me, not EVERYONE loves high metabolism.

I want to slim down. Not gaining muscle! Not a long time ago. I also thought of that. I don't want to gain ANY muscle, just want to put a few weights off. That's all. But, Mira said to me that to put off a few weights, you got to build muscle then lose the weight. Which, I actually confused. But I pretended to understand what she's said. (Oh, me!) Other than that, you guys can also do pilates! What is THAT? Never heard of it? Well, I got introduced to pilates when I heard about the weight lost of Miley Cyrus. I actually fascinated to her sudden change. So I searched her tips then I heard that she did pilates.? So I search, search and search more tips about losing weight because maybe Miley lose weight from her gluten-free diet. Then I come across this how I lost 10 pounds video. One of the tips she gave was to follow Blogilates workout routine. So, that's how I learned about Pilates :)

Cassey Ho!

Now that is the school holiday. So, I got LOTS of time to spend. I will spend at least 25 minutes to workout. Workouts also make me feel proud of myself to be able to do that kind of cardio or something else. But, it's not for building muscle. Maybe a little bit for strength purposes.
I also eat food healthily, okay! xD I don't eat YOLO meals everyday. I just eat it on the weekends. Hey, you want to lose weight but also care for your body! (Haha, my body)

But I know many of my friends exercise this holiday :) LOL.

Well, I think this is going to be an end to this LONG post. Sorry for the long post. If you are not interested at this topic but manage to finish reading this post than thank you! I love you! So much! :D
Sorry if I have some grammar mistake in this post. :(

Okay, bye. Now it's 12:05 a.m. and I'm still wide awake :)

Song of the day: No Faith In Brooklyn (ft. Jhameel) by Hoodie Allen (Just discovered this song from one of Jc Caylen vlogs and lovin' it!)
Quote in pictures:
 Assalamualaikum or goodbye everyone :)


Knock Knock December :)

Friday, December 06, 2013

               Assalamualaikum everyone :)

Now it's the 6th of December and it's curently 11:37 pm right now. Not sleeping yet
Okay, it's official. It's December ! But I'm in Malaysia and there's nothing change about anything... here... . I bet at the western side it is snowing. Ahhh, love snow. Just experienced snow once last year. But not this year :( But's it's okay.

*sigh* Actually, I easily get obsessed with something and soon get over it. Now I'm currently obsessed with LUSH. Yes, lush. What is Lush? Well, no Lush in Malaysia. (Hope they open one here :( )

Place of beauty happiness.

What I currently use now :)
Love this <3 p="">

SHOWER JELLY ! So far, I love this :) The scent is oh my god, I love it very much! I'm not a pro for describing a scent. But this smell is very fruity. (for me) and not in the waste side 'cause it's totally worth the price since it can be kept for a long time. Now, I REALLY wish Lush is available in Malaysia. Well, they opened in Singapore. Why no in Malaysia D:? Not fair :(

Still not fascinated by Lush? Well, do you see their bath bombs yet? For the bath sucker, here is for you!

Look at the name! Bath bombs. You simply put it in the bathtub and voila! it's spread or explode or I don'tfreakingknowhowtodescribeit? :)

Well, sorry if I bored you with this Lush products . I just happen to love them! If I can get one chance to enter the shop, I faint right away. Haha. 

Don't it make you want to just eat them? 

Well, someday. If I had a chance, I will collect money to buy these products! xD
(childish dream?)

Well, maybe that's all for today. SORRY for such a random post!

Currently listening : Shadow by Sam Tsui
Qoute of the day: 
Tribute to him :)

K, goodbye :)


Boredom .

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

      Assalamualaikum everybody :)

I write this post just to fill up my boredom. Now, it's the 3rd of December and the PMR result going to release on the third week of December. InshaAllah, 8A's for me and to ALL my friends :) Amiiin.
Today, as I was browsing the facebook. I stumbled on a status that asked a question whether the result will be realease on the 10th of December and I was like, whaaaa.. ? Really, guys? -,- It's sicken me. All the rumours, don't believe them. But he said that he heard it at the local news. Hmmm, long thought about that. But I hope it is JUST a rumour.

Youtube is what filling the hours that I spend on days and days. My few of my favourite youtubers is of course Stilababe09 and Caspar ! Love them! Or if I am REALLY bored, I just run an errands for my maid. Buying all the groceries and things that we or I need. Sometimes my brother and my maid follows me too. Accompanying me for some shopping at the local supermarket, Giant! The nearest place from my house besides AEON big. Or watching some movies on my laptop. The latest is the Mirror Mirror movie. Overall it is an average movie :) Totally recommended and totally hate the queen. Maybe I will watch the Snow White and The Huntsman. Or do you guys have any recommendations?

Lily Collins is a total beauty! :)

What I do today? Cleaning and throwing ALL the old cd's and cassette. (Can't believe it filled up 2 plastic bag. o.o) That many? Wow, it's been years and I .. just.. realised that ... .

Oh, and I just bought The Wanted latest album and I give it 12 lips out of 10 lips. Loving the whole album. ♥︎ Just love it ! xD Go buy it guys :)

My fav songs from this album is In The Middle, Running Out Of Reasons, Love Sewn and Everybody Knows ! :DD

But yeah, also waiting for the Midnight Memories from 1D. Past few days, the same day when I bought The Wanted album, I also search for One Direction album but sadly, couldn't find any of them. So, I asked the salesperson, where is it. He told me that it was sold out. Like what the... ? How could? Maybe I'm not the only one that gone craze onto that album, huh? But gladly, yesterday the salesperson contacted me that the album is now available again and I WILL get it, maybe tomorrow xD? Can't wait :)

Okay, that's all and sorry for the long post! Maybe you won't read this, haha xD

Song of the day :   Love Me Like You Do by Justin Bieber
Quote of the day : When love is not madness, it is not love. by Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Goodbye everyone :) ✿


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