Ignore All The Insecurities In You

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

   Assalamualaikum and hello my lovely earthlings.

We all felt this right? Insecurities could haunt us through our longest path if we couldn't ignored it. Believe me, every people is beautiful but insecurities can kill even the deepest hole in our soul. Even me. It's a lie, even the late Audrey Hepburn felt insecure about herself of being too skinny even though the world see her as one of the flawless celebrities out there. I also have insecurities and questions from people out there like,

"why do you have thick eyebrows?" "you have big buck teeth" "why you look quite tan while your mother quite fair?" "You look nothing like a teenager" "look like a rabbit,huh?" "wow, you look big"

A few that I've got that actually hit hard on me. Sometimes, it's quite hurtful but to some people it's not. Maybe to them, it is just a simple question but to other person. It's definitely not. Sorry to the people who I asked something that offends them. Sometimes, the words just blurted out from my mouth. Nobody perfect, huh? Yes, I agree that sometimes I also want to be skinny as sh*t, have flawless skin, being taller or just being almost perfect but sometimes, it's getting boring. You don't want to look like a plastic barbie doll but having a throw up life. Better be a human with a pure soul that never get trapped in the darkest hole of sins. At least, you got the heaven as the reward.

So, what do I do to overcome this? Simple. Work hard through it. I don't want to be skinny, I want to be healthy. I don't want to be stupid. But everyone starts from stupid to achieve the greatest scroll. I don't want to have zits. But everyone got them. You're abnormal if no zits appeared on you. I'm so lazy. But you don't know what comes if you don't get up from the couch. I have stage fright. Don't worry, me too and I try to overcome it for years and it works a bit. I am so shy! No worries, lets be quite and shy but a whole lots of knowledge buried in our chest rather than being loud but zero words to teach. 

Everyone have their own unique way of telling they are special. Believe me. I've met many people and every each of them are special

So how about after you wake up from a great sleep, look at the mirror and remind yourself that

That's all. Goodbye and hope you have a good day, lovelies !

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