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    Assalamualaikum and hello everybody! How's your eid day going? Today is currently the 6th of Syawal and I'm already stuck at home, finishing my homework. But I cheated a little bit to post up new post. I swear, I'm going to done with my homework after I post this! Consider that I'm going to face a trial exam after the holiday. Save me, please.  I hope it's not too hard. Now I'm going to list up my top fashionista/hijabistas as inspirations. (Not in order)

1. Shea Rasol

I love her outfit! Wether her casual or dinner outfit, she still looks beautiful in any way! Admire her bravery. I also bought one of her dress and it's so worthy since the fabric is fabulous! I saw her on KLHIF a few months ago and she seems really sweet and totally love her clothing back then. She's also one of my first discoveries before I enter the fashion world. 

A famous Indonesian blogger and fashionista that own a big names across Asia. She's the face of Dian Pelangi, invented by her parents inspired by Dian(even when she's only a baby). I adore looking how much braveness she put on her clothes. I'm not the type that instantly wear something and look like a queen. But when Dian put it on, she's transform into an instagram worthy.

Omg, I love all her outfit! She's so photogenic and can't explain how beautiful she is! Another Indonesia blogger but currently living in Germany. I love how every hijab style she wore lands perfectly on her head, I I'll look disaster if I'm wearing the same. I don't know why but I'll double click every Indah's Instagram post.

Found her during her blogging years which a few years ago but she's more active on her Instagram now. Owner of the Imacattura boutique and I love how she's started to widen her hijab and follow a real muslim path but still manages to look fashionable as ever. 

Discovered her on Twitter about her Instagram post that goes viral and immediately followed her. This beautiful lass here always captivate me with all her outfit post. Not to mention her exquisite face that goes well in every hijab she wore.

So here are my top 5 favourites! There's a lot more but my post will be too long for that. Now let's share each other who's your fashion inspiration?

Who Inspires You ?

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  2. These are some very stylish ladies! Thank you for sharing!


  3. Wow! These girls are absolutely stunning! Gorgeous fashionista's indeed!

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