Winter In Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Monday, January 25, 2016

Assalamualaikum and hello everybody! So about a week ago I went to Saskatoon to visit my mom's university and meeting some of her profs. So we went to the university, Midtown Plaza, around the neighbourhood for 4 days and grateful that I survived the winter. Phew. It was a shocked temperature for my body and I actually caught a cold there. Even though Saskatoon is not a huge city but I love how calm and serene the town is! Well, I'm going to remember how -30º C hit me though. Anyway, 4 days there was not as bad as I imagine! I survived the cold in layers and manage to play with the snow. I met wonderful people there and If God Wills, I'll be visiting there next time.

Also, I stayed in Refresh Inn and Suites on College Drive and it is a wonderful inn! The prices is considerable and have free breakfast every morning! I love the bathtub though but it was so cold to take a bath an even a shower could make me freeze when I'm done showering. Oh and the most important thing, Netflix available here guys. *Thumbs up*

(It's all clean white! :D)   

How's your winter going?

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Best Instagram Pick

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

     Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies! It's almost a week of January and 2016 just started so let's not make it a complicated year and starts with positive vibe into it. So, I'm an active instagram geek and totally obsessed with it. For me, instagram is just a social media that requires no words, just images to spice up your life and inspires a person. Of course, there are many accounts that inspired me to be creative and shares the life I experienced. Therefore, this is my top pick to inspired you to create art on your account! (By the way, it's not in order)

Meghan Rienks

Meghan is one of my fav youtubers not too long ago. I still watched her videos but not too frequently but I love how she kept the white themed so well and inspired me to theme up my profile. But of course, I just started so if you click on my profile, well, it not themed yet. Just random pictures with light exposures.

One of the earliest account that I followed and still impressed me with his captured. I love the way he took the photos and I don't know what to say but, he got that aura that make people want to follow him and his journey. There's a flood last year and he talented enough to create a memories there and post in on instagram. Go follow him guys, he's amazing.

Michelle Phan
If you're a youtuber, someone who always go on youtube or a beauty junkie, you should know who Michelle Phan is. She's one of the beauty guru's on youtube and create magnificent video for her subscribers. She enjoys creating variety of arts and she don't want to let her instagram left behind! I love how well she managed to keep the colour patterned/coded on the pictures and create a minimal gradient on it. It totally fits her frequent word 'Dreamer' in her profile.

The Pink Diary
What I like from this profile is the flat lays! Totally goals. I've been practicing flat lays but always failed miserably on the lighting and shadows. So I make her as an inspiration!

Oharieff just captured another side of city that not many people can see. Come to think of it, he is a professional photographer that's why he managed to take amazing scene and memories. His pictures are fill with urban type in it.

So that's a brief isn't it? These are only a few of my favourites. There are more! But maybe i'll do it in another post or as a monthly post? I don't know. I hope these profiles inspired you to share your moments with people around the world!

Who inspires you?

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