My SPM 2015

Monday, March 07, 2016


  Assalamualaikum and hello everybody. It's already few days after the SPM's result was released and I won't tell you my result! It's a secret and only the nearest people knows it. What I'm going to write about is like a confession(?). I don't really sure about it but here are my words.

My result are not what I want it to be but maybe that's what God wants me to. Maybe I thought that my hard work was enough but He knew that I can work harder. Maybe I was just lazy or proud enough of my work that lead me being an arrogant person. This was a life lesson for me to not always put down and try not to keep it to myself next time like always not be shy to asks any questions or anything. A lesson to me for sure. So for now, I am searching for courses to apply based on my result and all the pre-university programmes. I hope I'll choose and get the best for me, if God Wills.

I'm actually quite upset that there's only a few that scores the exam and I blamed myself for not be one of them. Anyway, we did the best right? I'm happy for my friends and joy that I met up with some of my teachers on that result day. I really thanked all my teachers for what I become now. They taught me how to learn and survive the path. I love them, nuff said. I know this is a short post but this is where all my confessions go to. Heheh

How's your result?

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  1. My results was great. Okay that was exactly 7 years back! All the best picking a subject you love and progressively find your dreams :)

    Real Life Nerd


Appreciated :)


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