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Saturday, February 20, 2016

        Assalamualaikum  and hello to all my lovelies! As you guys that don't know, I've been into teas since last year but yeah, got no skills and knowledge 'bout it. So practically, what I knew 'bout teas then were
hot boiled water (maybe nearly 100 degrees) and a bag of tea. That's it. I thought I was healthy back then with drinking teas and stuff but It was horribly wrong! Once, I accidentally bought a loose tea and didn't actually know that I got to infuse it! (Look at how horrible I was back then.) So I basically put that loose tea in a bottle water and foolish me, I put a lot of it and didn't even throw out the leaves after it brewed for many freakin' hours. So in the end of the day, I got a bitter tea and drank it. (Yuck)

It's all started when I typed 'How to brew tea properly' on Google for the sake of fun and it taught me a huge lesson that for all the time, I brewed the tea completely wrong. I actually destroy the nutrition in those tea leaves.(Wahh) After I learnt my lesson, I actually still used that hot boiled water and a tea bag though.(tak insaf lagi ye) My mom bought a lot of loose tea actually but we don't have an infuser so, tea bags were my lifesaver at the moment. When we went to China on January, my mom and I learnt quite a bit about teas because people there always serves teas. Green tea. (which is my favourite).


When we came back to Malaysia, we started to get crazy all over the teas and we bought a lot of loose teas and a teapot (with built-infuser). Threw away the expired teas and fill up the shelves with brand new teas! *blow nails* So, there's go my proper way to brew tea journey. *smile happily* Too bad tea is not a popular thing in Malaysia, but Teh Tarik (Milk Tea) is everywhere. Well, that's where all the fat came from then. The nearest tea shop is Bentjeman & Barton or as I call it B&B (because it's too long). *wink*

My favourite one would be Wulong Milky from B&B. It smells creamy, good and delicious. My mom and I bought it literally just for the smell itself. Now I'm eager to learn about teas more (teach me, teach me)! Well, it's never wrong to fill up extra knowledge in me. *huhuhu*

(sorry for the messy background)

What's your favourite flavour?

Assalamualaikum ♡

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  1. i love tea but i'm sure i do it completely wrong haha, going to have to look into it now!

    danielle | avec danielle

  2. I'm obsessed with tea! Peppermint is my favourite, especially at night :)


    1. Wow peppermint is delicious! It just feel soothing xD

  3. omg.. meyesal visit blog you XD. The tea case! i sangat2 lemah bila tgk packaging macam tu cantik2.. now i feel like collecting those tea case. haha! macam on how i bought the M&S tea boxes, because the kotak is so nice. tp honestly i dont like the taste of their teas. ending up xminum :(

    1. Yes, the tea case is super cute! I never really try M&S tea before and yup some teas are not the hype of it. Thank you xo!


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