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Monday, October 31, 2016

      Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies.

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So today I'm going to give my honest review on the now uprise headscarves brand which is Duckscarves. First of all, Duckscarves is a brand founded by Vivy Yusof and she is a blogger and an entrepreneur in the fashion industry. This brand also have a brand ambassador which is known as D and people or their fan known as Duckies are debating whether D is fictional or not. Well, that's leave to them okay. Now on to the review! :)

I first discovered this brand during my tour in Matrade and there was a display for the brand. I was attracted to the KL Duck display because for me it was such a masterpiece that represents Kuala Lumpur in a unique way. So I started my research on this brand and discovered the founder and all, etc.

The brand have a line called Premium Basics and it just sorts of plain scarves in variety of materials. For now they have it in 8 materials already and the latest addition is in chiffon material. I don't try ALL materials yet but I will.(Maybe) Haha. My first scarf from here is in Bamboo.

The famous duck charm
From above, Raya LE in Green, Brown, Georgette: Purplecane, Lavendar Drops, Bamboo: Diamond Rose & Chiffon: Cornsilk

Personally, bamboo have a range of gorgeous nude colours but sadly, I'm not fancy of the fact that the material is easily wrinkled and that is one of the major concern that this brand should put up with. I have two colours from this brand though and it is Sapphire Ice and Diamond Rose. You can't denied that these are such a beautiful colours but yeah, wrinkled free please D next time you restock bamboo.

I have the colour in Mist and the first thing when I touch the scarf is...OMG it is so comfortable and cooling! I mean like, when you touch it you want to cuddle in it and it is so soft by the way. It is easily stays put on your head and it is very suitable for the moms out there when you dealing with kids that usually pulls your headscarves. It is jersey so wrinkled free right away! I also saw one of the duckies you this material as a mini blanket and that is a great idea of you want a little bit comfy to bit the coldness.

Georgette for me is easily put on the head and drapes beautifully. It also can easily styled in any occasion. I don't know what to say again, it is just an almost perfect material for everyday wear. If you a favourite chiffon wearer but think that the chiffon range from duckscarves are not worthy at all then problem solves guys. Georgette fits the cube.

Satin Silk
So far I only own Rose Tea from this range and I have major love for this colour. I wear it to class almost every week because I simply just, love it. Hehe. The colour rose tea is simply a pink blush colour or people here call it as 'belacan' colour. The downside of this material is you got to carefully iron it despite of its gentle and delicate touch. Seriously, I saw people who got their Duckscarves burned by the iron totally broke my heart. It's not cheap stuff right there, people. Another downside of it is the material is kind of slippery to wear it so you must secure it with bunch of pins to hold it nicely. On the other hand, it really looks exclusive despite of the sheen surface though.

Well, I think that are my honest opinion of Duckscarves. For me, these scarves are really worthy when they release their Skyline scarves which now only consists of two country from Malaysia and Singapore. It screams originality and that is what Duckscarves are unique for. Their limited editions are also to die for and people will resells those LE's in double or triple from the original price. Crazy right?

If you want to get to know Duckscarves more or read other reviews 'bout it, you can search these 'otais' a.k.a old duckies which are more knowledgeable bout this brand on Instagram. You can search them using this hashtag #duckscarves

I also suggest that if you think that Duckscarves are a tad of expensive, you can search these hashtags on Instagram to purchase preloved ones. This is like, to try and test the material first before buying it with the original price BUT make sure you deal with the right person. Don't bluntly buy it, you've been warned.


Check out Duckscarves:

Website | Instagram | FashionValet

Have you ever try Duckscarves? Share me your thoughts! ;)


End of My 1st Semester

Monday, October 24, 2016

     Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies! ♡

So I already ended my diploma first semester quite well *Alhamdulillah* and I was blessed with wonderful roommates and classmates for almost 6 months. Don't worry because I will have another 4 semester with my classmates just that, will I have another same roommates on the next semester? Oh God, please grant me the best roommates for me.

My almost 6 months there as an Accounting student makes me felt grateful that I chose diploma over CAT programme. Yeah, CAT is faster and you can continue pursuing in ACCA after that but I must think of my capability and my indecisive decisions sometimes though... The professional papers will limit my career choice and I don't want my life to be about accounting only. I have a life you know. I want to enjoy too. :(
So for future SPM takers, maybe I'll write a blog post from my perspective of view in this education system.

Alhamdulillah that I got good lecturers and thankful that they always seems to reply all my WhatApps' messages. Sometimes, I just spams them with questions and also bless them for willing to kindly reply me tho. I can get quite annoying sometimes. *Dalam kelas tak nak tanya, haish* I hope that another 4 semesters will be as wonderful as this.

OH and another thing why I like it here is the view of the clear skies and when the sun sets. It always very instagrammable here and I often stares at the skies while strolling my way to the cafes in the evening. I always grateful that I was placed here and please remember guys, there are always blessings in guidance.


Thank you for reading guys, Assalamualaikum! ;)

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