Zoella's Lip Balm Duo : First Impression

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies.

So I just purchased this lip balm duo from Cupcake Aisyah's booth. The reason I bought this is because I am in need of a lip balm right now and coincidentally I'm a regular fan of Zoella. I also suck at cute and fun packaging so there was me with a plastic bag walk away from the booth. It retailed for RM58 and for me, it's a splurge because you can just get a regular lip balm at the drugstore for like what,  under rm15 and all. But it's a reasonable price due to the changes of currency.

My first impression is the packaging are very cute and this is my first time using a tin lip balm. The duo set consists of two lip balms, the red is gingerbread scented and have slight shimmer in it, though it is not that visible on the lips. While the brown tin is just a regular balm with a vanilla scent in it. For me the scents are fine and it is not too strong on the lips. The gingerbread scent is barely there anyway so for anyone that not too keen of any strong scent in lip product then this lip balm is totally suitable for you.

The lip balm is very moisturising to my like and it's not too oily. But it kinda seems heavy on the lips though. Well this is from the christmas range so it got to be moisturising but I hope it change the formula to be lighter on the lips. I'll wear it everyday hehe.

Get these at the official stockist:
Superdrug and Feel Unique

I got this at Cupcake Aisyah's booth and she sells 100% original products. Check her out on instagram at @cupcakestore_aisyah.

Have you tried Zoe's product before? ♡


My First Liquid Lipstick!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

      Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies.

So as you read from the title, yes, I just purchased my first liquid lipstick a few days ago which I bought from my local Sephora and you guys must be wondering like, why now? Why only now? Why don't you purchase anything before? Honestly, I'm not a lipstick person due to the fact that I have a major dry lips and I was never the one that into all these makeup. I was once, trying to dive into the world of makeup when I was 15 years old but quickly stop because I didn't actually have a reason to wear it and plus I have a sensitive skin so better to avoid it!

Do you really want to know who the one that really influenced me to buy lipstick..? Nope, even my closest friend couldn't easily influenced me. It going to be weird but the person that influenced me is actually.. Kylie Jenner xD I watched her instagram and snapchat like usual but stalk them MORE when she released her cosmetics line. At first I was like, meh just another lip product maybe because I'm not that into it yet. YET. Then I started to watch her swatches, all the youtubers swatches, she came out with new colours AND the colours from her line that I have my hearts on are in shade Moon and Maliboo. I love their tone but I don't know if it actually fits my skin colour but oh wells. Now, stop on the story and lets dive in to this lipstick!

I picked this Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in shade Caramello and it describes as neutral nude in the website. When I swatched it, it appear as a more to peachy tone which is ugly on my skin tone. (Though it is nice on my hand, just not on my lips) But when it dries down to matte, the colour tone change a bit and it transforms to a nice mauve-y nude.

- The colour is be-eau-ti-ful!
- Lightweight on the lips
- Applies smoothly
- The brush applicator is soooo nice. 
- LOVE the scent! ♡

- The price...
- It can take quite a long time to dry completely
- Can be a lil' bit patchy so it is advisable to wear a lip balm before applying the lisptick.
- Hard to wipe off with just a makeup wipes. I need to rub my lips. 

So far, love the lipstick but not the price so I'm going to be very careful to not over apply and a dip of the brush is actually enough to cover your whole lips. No need to re-dip. 

Where to buy?
At your local Sephora but for Malaysians, it is currently not available on the website :(

Retailed for RM99 each


Now, what is your first lip product? 


Malaysia Fashion Week 2016

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

    Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies.

So I've been to Malaysian Fashion Week these few days and I'm in awe how beautiful were those collections were. The event were 4 days between 2-6 November and was held at Matrade. The reason I went to this fashion show is to look out to some of the designers' idea and well, I'm on semester break so why not go out from the house and do  a little bit of productive day rather than sit in front of the laptop and watch.. movies..? BUT, I have one drama on hold to watch later after I settle with this post and all.

All the clothes represented are beautiful and simply creative. The performances are great too as they mostly were performed by kids and they were too cute! Alhamdulillah for this event and hope it will continue with blast for the following year. Thank you also for those who came. Apologies as I couldn't remember the brands name but I'm happy that the fashion industry has increase in Malaysia and the designers/fashionpreneur has bring their name to the global. What's next, then.?

Anyway, thanks for reading this post guys. :)


October Playlist ♡

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

     Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies. The 1st of November have knocked on my door and I can't believe that October has just.. pass by like that!? Well, October is definitely an exam and study month for me since I actually recently finished my finals a week ago. So I may have jammin' with these songs while studying so these are my pick for this month!

I mostly listens to Ariana Grande's songs tho. I don't know, but I like listening to her voice especially live because she always sings with her heart. Enjoy my playlist guys!


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