My Thoughts On: dUCk #MistIndependent Hair Mist

Thursday, July 12, 2018

    Assalamualaikum guys!! It's quite a long time since I post something, huh? Well, now I'm going to give my honest review of The Duck Group very own hair mist. I think it has been months of using this and honestly, I was very excited when Duck announced about it on their Instagram since I've always been looking for a good hair mist quite a long time. Before this, I used to use one hair mist that my mom's friend gave it to us(my mom and I) but I think that she discontinued that hair mist..? I love that hair mist since it did make my head felt refreshed after spraying it. Anyway, now on to the review!

Well, it is not Duck if they don't make like a trademark or motto for each of their own product. I love how they always create a story behind each item so it will be more meaningful and not just a plain product to sell.

About the Hair Mist
There are 3 types that you can choose from which is Green Tea, Aloe Vera and Avocado Oil.

(cred: dUCk website)

Mine is Aloe Vera and truth to be told, I'm not actually a fan of their scent as it kind of strong to my liking so I chose Aloe as it has the least strong smell among the three 😂 Well, I think they purposely made it strong so that people can still smell the scent even though we wear headscarves. (I think) This also can be a replacement if suddenly your perfume finished or something.

The Packaging
The purple colour is expected from duck(who doesn't?) but for me, the packaging is quite simple but at the same time sturdy which is fine with me since things easily slip off my hand. So, better than things that break easily, right?

I always spray this on my hair and my hairline and continue with massaging my head. It always felt better doing that rather than just spray it blindly. Sometimes, I failed my aim and it accidentally enters my eyes..... However, this product for me is not a holy grail since I didn't feel as refreshed as my previous product but maybe Duck create this for more as a 'hair perfume' rather than to focus more on the problematic hair. The sales lady also explained to me more about the scent rather than the benefits of each product though.  I personally like to hear more about which dry hair, oily hair or fragile roots suits which one best and try not to focus more on the scent. But that just my opinion though.

Will I repurchased?
50-50. Not a fan of the scent but will reconsider it when I finished the bottle! :)

Other info:
Price: RM70.75 (according to fv website)
Where to get it: Fashionvalet website and outlets, Duck Cosmetics outlet

Do you have any hair mist recommendation? 


My Thoughts On: Cosrx Low PH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

     Assalamualaikum and hello everybodeh! So today I'm going to talk about the famous cleanser that everybody seems to rave about in the K-Beauty world which is the Cosrx Low PH Good Morning Gel Cleanser...well that is sure a mouthful. If you are familiar with the K-Beauty trend, you will not be going to miss how people are going on and on about this cleanser and how this is inexpensive and at the same time cure some skin problems. So, I was trapped by all of those good reviews and decided to purchase me one! 

My thoughts?
At first use, this cleanser is 'okay' for me as I have a high expectations when I purchased this. It didn't strip my skin but at the same time, it didn't give me that hydration bounce like what my Hada Labo Gokjyun Cleanser does. It does sting my eyes too! That one of the biggest cons for me as I prefer a cleanser that is gentle on my eyes. Such a turn off though. Despite everything, I just continue to use the cleanser for about 2/3 weeks and suddenly, there's like mountains of acne pop out on my forehead?!?! At first, I blame my Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum for it so I stop using it but continue using the cleanser without any suspicion. 

That's where Liah Yoo a beauty youtuber uploaded a video regarding fungal acne on the forehead and that what clicked me in. The ingredients and the comments show that many people broke out due to this gel cleanser! So I started to put down and stop using the cleanser for a while and surprisingly, my acne slows down and started to disappear. (It still left me some scars but thank god the acne slows down :( ) Never knew that this cleanser which is a holy grail for most people surely is a definite miss to me! 

So lesson learned, do more and more research before buying 'em not because of just reviews. BUT even though this cleanser does not work for me, it might work amazingly for you! Just check if the ingredients are suitable for you. 

Are you having a good time with this cleanser? :)


My All-Time Fav Lipsticks! ♡

Sunday, January 21, 2018

    Assalamualaikum and hello everybody! Wowww, I think it has been months(?) not uploading a single post? Well, sorry guys but this girl right here is been quite a busy girl lately and all the laziness has spread around mah body. But now it's 1 am, almost 2 and suddenly I have an idea to post about my all time fav lipstick!

As a newbie to the makeup world, I try not to buy many lipsticks as I want to finish it first, and then buy new lipsticks! (hehe) So, I may not have many lippies but it is enough for me to have my top 5. By the way, these are not in order. I love 'em all equally. :)

Maybelline The Powder Matte in Toasted Brown sure caught my attention when it was first released due to it perfect tone of brown. I always wear this if I am lazy to apply liquid lipsticks, this type of lipstick are the best when you are in a rush as you can just swipe in one go. Besides, it's cheap and you can easily get this in any drugstores. Duck Cosmetics Matte Decisions in Zealous Zoey are a metallic lipstick that is perfect if you want a little glam up for a dark lip makeup. It brings out the shimmer nicely and I love the scent very much! Those last three are from my all time favourite lip brand which is @shopvelvetvanity and these 3 are my most wearable lip. The shades are gorgeous and truly matches my tan skin perfectly. The chosen shades are Smash Hit, Peach Perfect and Cheap Trills. Even though they look the same in the picture but I swear that those 3 are different shades!

That concluded my love for these lips! What are your all-time favs? Share with me :)


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