About Me

About the AH-MA-ZING author.

The name, that was given by my awesome parents is Marsya and I live on this Earth started on 20th November. So, if you remember. Give me presents to be happy for a moment. I know that I'm not that 'beautiful', 'pretty' or 'hot' like the other girls, but I'm happy with myself that God created. I know God never created something useless. Every part of my body has it own uses, we just have to discover it ourselves. Still a teen and currently studying for the big examination that I will take this 2015. I'm also a muslim and clearlt, I respect all religion. People can believe what they want to believe, right? Malaysia is the country where I'm staying and I love it from every bit of piece.

Since when I started blogging?

It's actually started quite a long ago when I was still in primary school. Yes, a school kid trying to play with the internet. But starts actively around 2013 where suddenly I have the passion for blogging. Don't know when the passion will end but it is still plants inside my life. 


Have a deep interest on reality tv shows. Songs by Trading Yesterday, Conor Maynard, Austin Mahone, Safetysuit, D'masiv, Peter Pan and anything similar. Ballad type of music is the choice. A klutz type of girl. Believe me, it's true. Kind of a beauty freak but never attempt to be the most beautiful on the face. Have my own dreams that I'll try to achieve. If God wills it :) Oh, additional info. I'm not going to be very active due to me in a boarding school that won't allow the students to bring technology. So, sorry if I'm an inactive blogger!

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