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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

     Assalamualaikum and hello to all of you lovely earthlings! I just realised that it's almost April. Wow, time flew so fast isn't it? Now, today I'll tell you what is my monthly faves :D Well, it's not actually monthly since, 2/3 of my life stays at my school so.... MY !

Favourite Movie

The Notebook wins it all. This week, I watched MANY movies online. Eventhough 12 Years A Slave got my compliments, I don't know why I prefer The Notebook. Maybe because of the love story or maybe Ryan Gosling? Don't mad at me,  12 Years A Slave is a beautiful story but yup, The Notebook is unbeatable. Despite being the number one love movie. ;)

Favourite Song
You know, discovered back this song just made me feel wow, how old am I? I still remembered that I used to listen to this kind of song back when in I'm still in primary school. Stanfour, RED, Skillet, David Hodges, Peterpan :) Few more unmentioned band that I still on search to put back the puzzle pieces of the old memory lane . You know, I'm feeling calmer right after listening to these songs. Of course, Opick songs are one of my favourites also <3 p="">

Favourite Scrub
Lush's Coalface. I have 4 face scrubs. But the one I've used most this month is Lush's scrub. Maybe because of the smell! Hmm, the smell is very soothing and very candy-ish. It's also contain liquorice and coal as the whitening agent which make it as a bonus rather than scrub away. But the cons of this product is it's contain SLS in it. :( Guahahhhhhhh. Lush, please make a product that doesn't contain SLS! It holds me back whether to buy your product or not. But overall, it is PERFECTO .

Favourite Ice Cream(flavour)
Baskin Robbin's Caramel Chocolate Crunch bring the scrumptious feeling right after it went into my mouth. Haha, over much? But seriously, it's freakin' delicious. YOU SHOULD TRY IT.

Favourite Snack

Takoyaki for now. I ate it like twice this month? But, even if it only two times. I still WANT MORE. Not all people like it. Both of my parents didn't like it. They said it tastes weird, but I tasted haven. LOL. What is Takoyaki that I'm babbling about? Well, Tako is a ball-shaped japanese snack! Before I tasted it, I always heard about the raves about this snack in comics. Thinking, is it really that tasty? Luckily, The Curve has opened a Takoyaki store. So, excitedly, I bought the snack. That's the start of my relationship with Tako. Epic love story right? Hehe.

Favourite TV Show
The Voice baby! You know it. With Adam Levine on it, it just make a bonus for me to stare at the Sexiest Man Alive face without him noticing. Ugh, is it weird? Don't blame me. He just gorgeous! Hehe.

Favourite Fragrance

Victoria's Secret's Simply Breathless Fragrance never upsets me. What I love about VS fragrance is the smell never hit people from miles apart. It just for our own relaxing time. Also, it's never holds the smell for HOURS. Some people despair that but I don't. I, personally don't like STRONG fragrance. It makes me feel like, blaaaaahhhhh. My nose tempt to itchy sometimes.

OKAY. THAT'S ALL of my random favourites of the month! Sorry if it bores you but, this is my blog so who cares? Hehe :)

Song Of The Day : Kiss & Tell by Justin Bieber
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