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Friday, May 02, 2014


           Assalamualaikum and hello everyone ! Yesterday, on the first of May. I went to the International Book Fair at PWTC! Hehe. It was very fun! I went there for just two hours. I mean it's only like, 10:30 a.m. and it's already felt like in a can of sardine there. Seriously. But I'm glad that I got the book that I want! You know that I felt euphoria yesterday XD.

I didn't get  A LOT of books. Mainly because I don't have that myriad of money to spend on the books. (& it was my my mom's money.) So I just got what I could :) Let me show you what I bought. (I'm not showing off or anything. I just put what I bought from the fair. Tq.)

First thing I got as soon as I entered the entrance ! Of course, I can't wait to read Cerita Cinta Ahmad Ammar ! :DDDDDD OMG. Excited yawwww.

After that, I bought this.

Saw the SR book behind? Truthfully, I can't wait to read SR book also! I just read the beginning and it gave me the warning sign that I'll not stop reading it, so I will read it at school. 'Cause if I start to read it at home, who wants to finish my homework? My maid? XD And don't worry. Gempak Starz is like one of the must-visit place to shop. But I just bought three since only this three I didn't read yet.


FIXI. :)

Do you know how I got to face the wild crowds just to get this 6 books? & pity my mom for waiting for me. Sorry mummy. :( But yeah, it was such a huge crowd! & the fixi sections is beside the SR (Siti Rosmizah) section. -,- I think I can die instantly right there actually. But thank god, I got this 6 books! Hooraaaaaay. But sadly when I came there, the Cerpen 40 book was sold out. & the t-shirts were sold out also! I was like, I WANT THE TSHIRT. Omg, I went crazy that day. The t-shirts are very cool! I want it. :/ But maybe, not my luck, huh. But as long as I have the books. Hehe. :) SOOO, I'm going to read ALL this book at school. Don't have enough time to read at home ><

Lessons I've learned from visiting the Book Fair: Always prepare by mental and physical to face and overcome the LARGE crowd. I mean, really. Not only you want to buy the books. -,- and always prepare the MONEYS. Buy the needs first and then your wants. :)

But lucky me, I got a free mini MAGNUM classic on my way out from the PWTC! Lucky ! Thank you god! :)

And I took two.

Now I got to continue finishing my homework and searching some info for my SEM. *sigh* 

So, okay that's all from me! Thank you for reading this post :) Mwaaah.

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