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Friday, August 01, 2014

                  Assalamualaikum and hello everybody <3 p="">What are you guys doing now? Relaxing by the beach and enjoying the fine weather? Let's pop the earphones in and listen to some of my choice of music. Here is my choice for the July playlist!

Chains by Nick Jonas
"I gave all my heart but she won't heal my soul
She tasted a break and I can't get no more"

Shower by Becky G
"I'm dancing in the mirror
And Singing in the shower"

Maps by Maroon 5
"So I wonder where were you
When all the roads you took come back to me"

Somebody To You (ft. Demi Lovato) by The Vamps
"Look at me now, I'm falling
I can't even talk, still stuttering"

Love Someone by Jason Mraz
"And love is a funny thing
It's making my blood flow with energy"

I Want You Back (ft. DEREZ) by Yuna
"Close my eyes and hold my breath
Hoping that we ass the test"

Use Somebody by Kings Of Leon
"You know that I could use somebody"

Best Day Of My Life by American Authors
"I stretched my hands out to the sky
We danced with monsters through the nigt"

Stay by Nick Jonas
"All that I needed and more
I know you're scared"

I Hope You Find It by Miley Cyrus
"And I hope you're happy, wherever you are"

Sometimes, I would just sit and try to search underrated songs to listen to. (Well, the songs I listed are a pretty common songs though) Do you know, I really love listening to old blues songs with a calm scenery like in the hotel room. Reading while laying in the bed or doing some homework. One of the effective way for me to calm myself.

So that's all for you guys! If you have any song to suggest, feel free to comment <3 p="">

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  1. I'm addicted to Becky G's Song, it's so freakin' catchy and cute. I'll have to check out your other suggestions <3
    - Sierra Calah | berrystylishofficial.com


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