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Saturday, August 30, 2014

    Assalamualaikum and hello to all the lovely earthlings. How are you today? If you are feeling down or what ever, cheer up! Make every second of your life the precious one. So what am I going to write about today? How about my so far journey as a form four student, shall we?

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What is Form 4? Well, here in Malaysia. A 16 year old student is a Form 4 student in secondary school and next year, we will face one of the biggest examination which is called 'SPM'. There's about another 3 month till the end of the school. (Yeeehaaaaaa) Put aside all the happiness and I want to actually focus on what I'm going to face which is the 2nd standardize test and the final exam! But I'm so lazy! :( I got to change this bad behavior and actually think of getting 9A+ for SPM! Go go go fight fight fight! 

As an upper form students. I guess, we never have a break up session with those fellow homework. But that the key of success to the future.

So far my most critical subjects are ,


Hope it will not haunt me down in next test. Oh god, please. I got to study hard for this subject ! I don't want to get D for this subject and isn't its funny? On the early years as a form 4 student, I want to achieve my years to be an engineer but as soon I face Physics, I was like, uhhh. With all these formula(s) that tired me up! But maybe, In Sha Allah. I will pass through this! Study study study.

A paragraph full of complains about physics? Wow, typical me. What else? Oh yes, new class and new environment. You know, I started eating a lot (seriously, a lot) since I enter NilamKaya. So what? Met my precious NilamKaya!

(src: Insta Echa)

There's no me in any Eid pictures because I was busy waiting for my late Takoyaki.

But I never forget my never ending love (In Sha Allah) for Nilam 11/13 a.k.a Nilam Kriuk Kriuk. Sorry guys, no latest pictures of you guys. Because we didn't have time for a group photo. Other time, I guess? But no further, I always love you guys so so so much.

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