2015 Resolutions

Friday, January 02, 2015

            Assalamualaikum and hello to all of you readers ! Here, it's officially the 3rd day so Happy New Year to all of you lovely, beautiful, amazing reader! Here is my 2015 resolutions and I (hope) that I can accomplished it amazingly! Let's go ☀︎

Getting good grades on exam
For me, it's quite important since it's my final year in secondary school and I'll be sitting for one of the biggest exam which is SPM or Malaysian Certificate of Education which will lead me to whatever I'll get in the future. All A's if god wills. You know you'll believe in me!

Control My Mouth and Words
Sometimes, I've been thinking 'bout the words that come out from my mouth. Is it wrong, bad, offensive or something else for the people? I'm one of the people that's easily feel guilty sometimes for no reason. (I got to control that though. I worry that it might get worse.) I always hold this quote in my heart.

"People forgive, but never forget"

Control My Spends More AND keep it safely
Last year, I managed to save hundreds of ringgits for my future spends but due to lack of safety it gone for good. Yup, I'm so devastated at that time and really really really mad. Idk, mad at myself for handle it loosely or mad at the person who took it. Do you have no heart? But it's okay, I cooled down and maybe that a lesson taught for me. Maybe there's a reason behind it after all.

Be a helpful and good senior
Yay, I'm going to be a senior this year and hello all of you juniors! Kiss my feet now. Nahh, I'm not going to do that. (I hope) Good luck to who that's gonna be my room-mate this year, I hope I'll be a helpful, good and not so annoying room-mate. 

Keep up with my fitness routine
I'm doing well on 2013 but flops right down to the ground on 2014. I don't know why. Maybe because no Mira by my side? But I got covered as I met Faseh, my new friend this year. She's into fitness too and aiming to achieve her goal. So sometimes, I give a few tips to her and alongside of that, I work on mine too. Another reason is, because of the mixing years in one room is actually embarrassed me to work out. I felt awkward and with all the school works is taking all the time for me to rest and all. So, I hope 2015 is my goal!

Stay active in school
2013,  I try not to stay active in school and put all my hard work on achieving good grades but I think I need to balance my schedule. I also need to stay active since I got points maybe to go to college or getting a scholarship or anything. But maybe I'm too late to go for in my last year that will be full of exams and all but may the 1st semester give me a chance.

Stop being a procrastinator
This is one of my worst habits. This holiday I just waste my whole time and procrastinate my homework and now I got a week to finish it. Thank god, school was deferred to another week or I wouldn't be sleeping 'cause of homework. Ok, stop this habit Marsya!

Be a better blogger
I wanna be a better blogger this year. Even though I can't post much because of the school and stuff but I'll make sure that if I get a 3 days holiday, I'll post something. But maybe, after I get back to school. I only post once a month.

That's mine! I know it's boring, not as exciting as anyone else. But you know, this is just my goals. If I can't achieve my goals for this year, maybe it's not the right time. But I really do hope to achieve at least 70% of them, it'll make my life better(?) I love reading or hearing people goals or aims for new years because is fun. Yeah, it's kinda fun. (I know it's awkward. Yeah, maybe I can stop now)

What's your goals for 2015?

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  1. yeap, I want to stay fit in this year. Started to do squad, plank and dumbbell. haha, these are the only things I know. oh Cardio too! Need to rajin jog. Cardio is the most important element in keeping fit and healthy.

  2. You have some great resolutions - I'm trying to keep fit this year too, and have started doing a bikini body guide which I think is helping. Good luck sticking to it all!

    1. Thank you! Well, I hope that I can stick to it all. Hehe :)

  3. Happy New year. Hope you manage to stick to your goals for 2015, don't give up even it it gets tough

    1. I hope so and yes, I won't give up! Happy New Year to you too ! <3

  4. Nice post! Happy new year! :)




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