My Spent at KL International Hijab Fair 2015

Monday, June 01, 2015

  Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies! How are you doing today? I just got back from KLIHJ at PWTC and discovered many new modest clothing! At first, I didn't plan it but my mom just got back and asked me if I want to follow her, so as a good and a child that seeking for new clothes. I said yes. The fair only located in one floor but the crowd was not as hectic as I imagined. It was crowded, but I still could find a spot to slip in. Oh well, I could easily search the things I want with the calm crowd.

(from @KLIHF)

I only bought an Indonesian harem pants and a dress from Shea Rasol's collection. The dress is made from Japanese cotton and when I first looked at the dress, I didn't expect it will be cotton since it looks like a simple satin dress but no, it's cotton! It's so smooth and fine-textured that my mom also fancied it! The dress I bought is the dress from this picture.
For me, it's simple yet edgy for a muslim to wear since it still cover the aurah. I love all my spent and can't wait to wear them! I want to start wearing abaya and skirts more often so I can cover my aurah completely (InshaAllah). May God ease everything ♥︎

Song Of The Day: Fire N Gold by Bea Miller

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