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Monday, February 01, 2016

     Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies! It's been quite a long time that I didn't post any review/impression on any album. So, I think I'm going to review Purpose by Justin Bieber. I know, I know Purpose was out about two months ago and I'm late on reviewing it but it won't go wrong if I'm reviewing one of my favourite albums. Justin Bieber released Purpose on Nov 13 and totally created a huge phenomenon with his huge belieber went wild about it. Of course, I went crazy over it when my local radio played some of the tracks so I've been really wanting to buy the album. So I bought it already and have a great time play it while I shower. Totally my shower tune now. So let's continue with the review shall we?

1. Mark My Words
Love love love the intro of this song and the fact that this is one of the three songs that Justin wrote for her lovely ex Selena Gomez. (Which he admitted on Ellen Show) I love his vocal in this and when he ends it with high notes was just amazing. This song also stated to a lover that he'll mark his words and want his relationship to still going strong. He still believes that they will have a chance again. One of my favourite song.

"Falling in and out of trust
Trying to rekindle us"

2. I'll Show You
His fourth single from Purpose and the meaning of the song describes his life. Personally, I think that he wrote this song for his struggle to perform in front of the world, camera lens, press and all. He stated that he is just a normal human being and seriously,  people can't expect him to be a perfect guy that all world imagine. We only saw a tiny bit of his life and already judge him from it. Love this song by the way.

"This life's not easy
I'm not made of steel"

3. What Do You Mean?
He stated to Ellen that he wrote this song 'bout how complicated girls can be. Oh seriously, girls really are complicated. I'm a girl and I know that we are complicated and sometimes hard to understandable too. Justin use a breathy vocal in this and it's kind of a sequel to Where Are U Now.

"You're so indecisive of what i'm sayin'
Trying to catch the beat, make up your heart "

4. Sorry
Another millions hit from JB which is Sorry. Blowing off the charts and fangirls head. Another song that rumored to be about Selena. Well Justin, you did a great job by releasing this song. Hope you be honest with your apology though!

"I'll take every single piece of the blame if you want me to
But you know that there is no innocent one in this game for two"

5. Love Yourself
Written by Ed Sheeran and personally, I think that Justin's didn't meant this song exactly for Selena. But I love how this song is a great and gentle way to say 'F*ck yourself' to the people that we absolutely hate. Nice job Ed and Justin's voice really fits this song perfectly.

"'Cause if you like the way you look that much
Oooh baby you should go and love yourself"

6. Company
One of my favourite song from Purpose! I don't know I just like the beats and how his voice blends well with the beats.

"Need a picture for my frame
Someone to share my ring"

7.  No Pressure (ft. Big Sean)
I think this song is directed towards Selena (whink whink) because the lyrics fit wonderfully with their situation. This song really brings back to Journal era which 90% basically about Selena. Don't forget 'bout Big Sean tho! The rap is sick and I love how it flows perfectly in the song.

"Thought that you were in it for the paper
Never thought I'd take you serious"

8. No Sense (ft. Travis$ Scott)
This is kinda hip hop/r&b type of song. At first I was kind of confuse this with no pressure.

"I've driven almost every car
It ain't the same when I'm without you"

9. The Feeling (ft. Halsey)
I just simply fell in love with this song at the moment I heard this song and kept on replayed on Spotify. I just love Justin's vocals in it and Halsey just blended perfectly in it. The lyrics are great but yup, people said that this song sounds weird because it sounds like Justin is singing with his younger self. Kind of funny.

"Or am I in love with the feeling?
Trying to find the truth"

10. Life is Worth Living
A ballad song that will bring some of you in tears. This song just make us realised how life is all you had and before it ends, let makes it worth living. The lyric is so calming and really is my bedtime song.

"Relationship on a ski slope
Avalanche comin' down slow"

11. Where Are U Now
His first single that made us waited for Purpose all along. Work of skrillex and diplo turns to great music and brought Justin Bieber alive again. Such a catchy song and makes everyone dance along to it.

"I give you attention when nobody else was payin'
I gave you the shirt off my back, what you sayin'?"

12. Children
A great song that points toward this new generation. I love how he proves that this new generation can also make a change in this world and when the beats drop was a total rad.

"Whose heart is the biggest?
Wear it in your sleeve"

13. Purpose
Behold, the title of the album itself. Another ballad from Justin that opens people's eyes. I don't know if this was meant religious or something else but the lyrics are beautiful. When he added the recorded voice of his, added more meaningful on this song. Also motivates people to believe in theirselves. A great way to end this album.

"Thinking my journey's come to an end
Sending out a farewell to my friends, forever peace"

My favourites out of this album

So, what's your fav from Purpose?

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