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Thursday, March 17, 2016

      Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies! As you all don't know, sometimes I'm literally obsessed with phone cases. I mean, not overly obsessed but I like to look at the pretty designs and the material first before buying it. Sometimes, I just like to touch it and eye-ing on them without buying it. That's called window shopping huhuhu. So, I will list out some of my wishlist and maybe give you all inspirations or idea to buy a phone case or diy-ing yourself.

1.  Just In Case
My phone case is from this brand and it is a malaysian based brand. (Yay for local product!) The range is between about 50-90 ringgits so you can either pick a cheaper alternative or choose a more high quality but you got to pay more consider of the good quality. So, pick your choice. I first discovered this brand at Bangsar Village where they have a kiosk there and that was the first time I bought a case because I was haunting a good cute case and at the same protects my phone. It cost me RM59 and there are not many options consider it is a kiosk. You should check this out because it has very many cute designs! It also ships internationally.

2. Wallflower
I think the cases are affordable because they are retail in RM39 and fill with sorts of cute designs! I love the ombre cases they offer and I think the cases are available for iphone only. I only discovered this brand after I bought Just In Case and I quite bumped because Wallflower also has pretty designs and they are cheaper but oh well, I love my case though.

3. Typo
Typo is sister brand to Cotton On and they sell home appliances and room accessories but don't forget that they also have many collections of cases that you can get. I describes Typo as my guilty pleasure because they have many things that I want to buy but the prices are killing me. I'm going totally broke if I shop at Typo. But surprisingly their cases price are a bit similar to Wallflower that range between RM30+ maybe. I never buy any cases there because I'm afraid that I'll buy other things in there too. I am a weak person when it comes to cute things. 

4. Twinkle by Elfira
If you are not interested in minimalistic or cool designs yet you want some pop of colours and unique draws on it? Twinkle by Elfira got your back! I'm not a fan of busy designs but sometimes I like to look at Twinkle's designs because they are unique in their own way. I don't actually know the prices of these cases because I couldn't find it in their instagram but if you are interested in their cases, mind checking their Instagram! 

5. DIY!
Don't want to spend any money and just want to use things at your home instead? DIY then! I mean what any cheaper ways than do it yourself? I saw a lot of creative ways to create phone case on youtube or pinterest! This way, you can create exactly what you want for your phone. You can check it out here and here for easy options.

So, which one?

*All of the pictures above are not my mine except for the first picture*

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  1. Such a cool phone case selection :)

  2. I want a transparent phone case for DIY project but for some reason I can't find one anywhere. Lol so hard!

    ieyra h. | blog

    1. I'd usually stay away from Ebay because I don't want my purchases to involve international shipping. Heheh. Or is there any ebay seller that you recommend?

    2. Me too! I don't actually go to ebay. But Lazada and amazon got too! I will choose Lazada if i were you. Hehe

  3. What a pretty selection! And I love the idea of DIY!

    Sarah x

  4. I used to prefer my phone without a case but after smashing the screen, that’s not really an option anymore lol
    Love the cases you picked out. There’s such awesome designs, why would you even want to go without a cover? Haha


    1. Yes, at first I'm too lazy to have a cover but because my phone is too thin and it can be quite slippery soooo I got to have a case to safe my phone. Hehe thank you! :D

  5. These are the best protective Phone cases around. Some of them offer drop protection, some are weatherproof, and some have both. If you really want to keep your phone safe in any situation, these are the cases that can do it.

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