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Saturday, March 26, 2016

     Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies! I want to ask you guys something, do you ever heard of fabric that was made of recycled bottles? I know that maybe places outside Malaysia are common 'bout that but in Malaysia, it is still unfamiliar and hard to look for. 3/4 years ago, I was introduced by my mom of this brand called Waste2Wear that promotes textile made from plastic bottles and their company goal is to 'one day run out of bottles that need to be cleaned up'! Well I first attracted to this brand because they released a Recycled Hijab. Who wouldn't want to wear something that made of bottles? (I know, that's weird)

The Recycled Hijab only available in 3 colours which are Violet Tulip, Placid Blue and Hemlock and I think I wear Placid Blue and Violet Tulip the most compare to Hemlock since I don't really have matching clothes to that colour. The fabrics are soft chiffon but they tend to slips sometimes as they are kind of slippery but I like it just the way they are. I really like the choice of colours for their first 3 scarves though! Maybe because I really like soft colours as they will match with my cold tone clothes.

When I bought it in 2014, I was a bit disagree how those 3 scarves were retail at RM150 and when we already reached 2016 now, I was like these are actually a standard price that I can find now since all the good quality scarves priced at minimum RM60+ like wow, that are my daily wear so please sell it cheaper. *sob sob* But it's okay, good quality means a lot of kching kching *cash register sounds* But at least, we spend our money to make our environment looks a lot better!

You can purchase Green Hijab at Lazada and GemFive ♡

Do you have any recycled clothes at home?

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  1. :O THIS IS INTERESTING. I've never heard of recycled hijab before until I read your post. I agree with you tho, the price is kinda lot to digest but tudung neelofa lagi mahal. Eh.. ;P

    ieyra h. | blog


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