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Friday, April 08, 2016

    Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies x

So I just watched Hannah Montana The Movie this morning and I was so excited that I watched it twice. (I want to watched it more though). Suddenly, I felt an urge to cry when it comes to and end where Miley sang The Climb. It was like there was a knock in my heart that send me back to my childhood and yes, I miss the old Disney. Miss it very much. Seriously, I wish Disney Channel do a throwback moment where it airs all the BEST moment in disney. Now, I feel like I don't know Disney at all and never watched it since. I know I'm growing up and all but I grew along the Disney shows.

I think my first Disney shows were either That's So Raven or Lizzie McGuire and that's where I completely fell in love with Disney. I was a little girl that adore Lizzie and Raven and their jokes. Then comes Hannah Montana, Wizard Of Waverly Place, Suite Life Of Zack and Cody and many more. That's where I learn to make jokes(seriously) and learn about new things. Not to mention I learned English by watching all these shows.

But now I'm happy that Emily Osment cast in a sitcom Young and Hungry! When I watched her in that show, I always remember the times when she was that Lily in Hannah Montana. Not to mention that Young and Hungry is one of my favourite shows and I'll never miss it. Now all the Disney acts are all grown up and they will always be in everyone hearts. For instance, even though Miley Cyrus changed 360 degrees completely but if you actually hear her new music, there's still that voice that was once inspired people.

I think Phineas and Ferb is my last Disney show. Yup and then I just grew. I guess.

So thank you for reading this post very much and if you are not a Disney fan, thank you too for reading this! Why don't you suggest me fun tv shows to watch before I'll be busy with college soon. :)

What's your favourite old disney shows?

Song of The Day: Butterfly Fly Away by Miley Cyrus (ft Billy Ray Cyrus)

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