Muslim Lifestyle Show 2016 @ Olympia, London

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

    Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies.

On the 30th April, my mom and I went to Muslim Lifestyle Show at Olympia Central, London and this is my second fashion show. My first was during KLFW last year, I think.

I was really excited to come here because I don't know, I like to look at all the beautiful and unique clothes. The representative from Malaysia are Naelofar, Norish Kareem, Aidijuma & Blossom Box, Mara in Fashion, Imaan Boutique, Rina Salleh Clothing and Siti Khadijah. They are all amazing brands and their outfits are gorgeous on the runway. These are few of the clothes that I manage to snap while they are on the runway. Some of them walked quite fast though. When I took the pictures, they move.

Beware: Photo Spamming alert

KK (I forgot the full name. I think it's Khloe Kouture..)

I wanted to take picture with Neelofa (a Malaysian celebrity) but she didn't come on the 30th. She'll available on the 1st though but sadly I'm not. Just manage to snap her booth, well that's okay... :'(

I also bought Halal marshmallows there! It's really delicious and soft, but the vanilla one quite sweet for my tooth. Anyway, I hope there will be more Malaysia's brand export internationally. Seriously, I'm quite proud with the local brands in the fashion industry. They got really good stuffs. *Thumbs up*

I think that's all for today post! Sorry for the sudden hiatus. I'll be posting more before I hit college!

Song of The Day: Team by Iggy Azalea

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  1. It's my first time coming across photos of a muslim lifetsyle show and they're absolutely gorgeous! Especially the third couple photos from the top! I also love unique clothes and I 'd have loved to have attended to this show!

    1. The clothes on the runway are all beautiful! I only managed to snap some though.. Haha :D


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