Yoga Session with Atilia Haron @ FashionValet

Saturday, April 23, 2016

     Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies.

A week ago I got a newsletter from FV(FashionValet) about a yoga session that will be held at FV on the 23rd.(today) I immediately book my spot after receiving it and thank god, I made it!

This is the first time I attend a yoga class but before this I just do my yoga unprofessionally in my room. (Instructed by youtube videos) So I am blooming excited to come to this first ever yoga class! (Yipee) Here are the pictures from the session.

Brief talk about healthy food.

Atilia is so cute and petite.

fashionvaletbangsar // instagram
fashionvaletcom // instagram
fashionvaletcom // instagram

The class is very entertaining and really stretches every parts of my body but after I have lunch and try to do yoga at home, my body suddenly becomes heavier. -,-'' I also manage to do a bit of crow pose! Yoga pose check off my list. Yayy.

Want to say thank you very much to FV and KFit for organising this session. Love you xo

Sorry this is such a short and random post. hihi ;)

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Appreciated :)


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