Zoella's Lip Balm Duo : First Impression

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies.

So I just purchased this lip balm duo from Cupcake Aisyah's booth. The reason I bought this is because I am in need of a lip balm right now and coincidentally I'm a regular fan of Zoella. I also suck at cute and fun packaging so there was me with a plastic bag walk away from the booth. It retailed for RM58 and for me, it's a splurge because you can just get a regular lip balm at the drugstore for like what,  under rm15 and all. But it's a reasonable price due to the changes of currency.

My first impression is the packaging are very cute and this is my first time using a tin lip balm. The duo set consists of two lip balms, the red is gingerbread scented and have slight shimmer in it, though it is not that visible on the lips. While the brown tin is just a regular balm with a vanilla scent in it. For me the scents are fine and it is not too strong on the lips. The gingerbread scent is barely there anyway so for anyone that not too keen of any strong scent in lip product then this lip balm is totally suitable for you.

The lip balm is very moisturising to my like and it's not too oily. But it kinda seems heavy on the lips though. Well this is from the christmas range so it got to be moisturising but I hope it change the formula to be lighter on the lips. I'll wear it everyday hehe.

Get these at the official stockist:
Superdrug and Feel Unique

I got this at Cupcake Aisyah's booth and she sells 100% original products. Check her out on instagram at @cupcakestore_aisyah.

Have you tried Zoe's product before? ♡

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  1. It's ok. It will motivates you to go to winter countries and use it :)


  2. kinda hard to find zoella products in Malaysia right?


    1. yup, It's quite hard but Zoe's product originally just available in UK and online website.

  3. zoella beauty only recently launched where i live and i got myself some bits too. i never tried the lip balms. so far, i really like the branding but i think the products are fairly pricey for drugstore.


    1. Aww lucky you! I hope Zoe launched it in my place. The lip balms are great! Trust me and yup, sometimes it's quite pricey. :)


Appreciated :)


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