Days In Darwin

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Apparently I didn't photograph much in Darwin sadly due to weather over there. There's a day I took a walk and suddenly it rains. The heatness over there is... much more than Malaysia and I was surprised. Before I came to Darwin, I actually thought that I could take up weather over there but I completely lost. The air-conditioning in the room is much more fun. #notproductiveenough Props to whoever living there tho! Anyway, I love how blue the seas are and sadly I couldn't swim at the beaches are fill with Mr. crocodiles and jellyfish. Boohoo. :(

We also went for the Anzac Parade and truthfully when they marched the road, I can feel their emotions and spirit along the parade. Almost teared me up actually but I'm a strong girl darl! Personally, I see Darwin as a lovely city and if you a boat cruisers, you will pretty much love here. There are many cruisers there and the house with the sea view is just gorg. #richpeoplegoals Anyway, that's all from my trip here. Adios lovelies ♡

Have you been to Darwin before?

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  1. I have never been - and I live in Sydney.
    I prefer to go overseas since it is actually cheaper sometimes.
    You def need ice cream in Darwin!
    Set to Glow

  2. this is beautiful. I've never been and I come from Sydney. Looks wonderful xx


    1. I never been to Sydney! Would like to go there someday :DDD

  3. you captured the setting perfectly!

  4. These pictures are gorgeous <3 I love the one of the sunset over the sea! xxx


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