First Impression: Arome Floral Perfume Lip Scrub by Watson

         Assalamualaikum and hello guys! How are you doing?  I know that it has been a long time I didn't post anything... (forgive me please) but fear not, I'm back with a first impression of a lip scrub. I've been a long time fan of Lush lip scrub but due to no Lush store in Malaysia and Lush can get quite expensive if you purchase regularly. (I have my budget too!) So I got to search for an alternative for a student like me T_T

I dropped by Watsons and quickly grabbed it as soon as I saw it hanging on the shelves. Been wanting to try this for a quite few times now and finally I have.

As you can see it has a mouthful ingredients to compare with my previous lip scrubs that only have minimal ingredients which is like, sugar... and other essential oils. (natural issit) Sooo, I tried the lip scrub and I expected it to be of course, sugary like above my lips but no, it is quite gentle and kind of not edible? Because I try to taste it and it end up taste like... soap. I don't like it. What the meaning of lip scrub if it's not edible? (xD) Kiddin' hehe.

Well, it doesn't feel satisfying as much than Lush lip scrub but I do sense a bit of exfoliation when I use it. I don't know why but when I wet it with water it tends to foam up, is it like that? The term I mean. Because it taste like soap (wth 😂) So I used this few times and surprisingly, despite of the soap taste it works quite well! It also works in removing lip products also. I was surprised actually when it actually did remove the lipstick because I expect it to not work tho. My lips also didn't dry up after using it because I always experience dry lips when I use Lush' lip scrub and it bothers me quite a bit.... Good job Watsons!

4/5 stars! Lost one stars due to the taste.... I still feel like I was licking some kind of poisonous substance 😂

Only at Watsons with a retail price: RM22.90 (I got it on sale hehe)

What's your fav lip scrub?


Appreciated :)