The Hunger Games : Catching Fire :DDD

Friday, November 29, 2013

         Assalamualaikum to my fellow readers :)

Yesterday, after my mom just got back from her work. I persuaded her to bring me to watch the catching fire movie and gladly, she said yes ! (OMG, YAYYYYYY)

So, we bought the 8:30 ticket at E@Curve and I felt so so so anxious to see. Excite even more ! My mom, being my mom. Looked not so excited for the movie. But it's okay. It was lucky enough she'd brought me there. So, thank you mummy <3 p="">

When I entered the cinema, my first impression was what a comfortable seat I had ! So great for a 3 hours show... (I don't really know it was that long o.o) Yes, the cinema was getting full right before the movie started. When it started, I can't control how excited I was that night. Hahahahahahahaha, and there was no person beside me so hahahahahahahaah.

Don't want to write any spoiler so what I can say is I love the storyline ! Now, I can't wait for the Mockingjay to come out next year! Maybe, I will buy the book instead. Or the audiobook to listen to rather than reading it. This movie is about 3 hours long but yeah, it was worth to watch. When it finished, I didn't realised that it was already 11 at night ! 

I totally LOVE how Jennifer Lawrence act in this despite that in reality, she's a much funnier person and not that serious in this movie. Giving her an applause hoping she'll be winning an award next year. Also, loving her co-star Josh Hutcherson :) He is such a cutie and adorable at the same time. Don't know why I am thinking that way about him. But, I don't know that he is shorter in reality. Really, short if he's standing beside Jennifer of course. If he is standing beside me, he look taller since I'm only 5'1. Maybe he wears high boots in the movie so he can be slightly taller than usual.

Seriously, can't sit quietly in the cinema. Every time and every minute, it will have a climax scene. Whilst my mom just sleep quietly beside me, I'm just hugging the bag waiting for an unexpected scene.
But overall, it was a great movie. Don't rely on me, I'm not a critic it just from my opinion. But still, the ending really not satisfying me. REALLY. 

Well, that's all for today ! Okay, good night :)

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