Guilty Pleasures.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

    Assalamualaikum everyone? How's your day? Fine? What is YOUR guilty pleasure? What's mine? Continue reading!

So, I have many, I mean MANY guilty pleasure. Well, it bring me to pleasure so what hecks? I will list my top 3 guilty pleasure!

Okay, my first guilty pleasure ! CHOCOLATE. Give me chocolate, I will love you. Except for chipsmore. I don't know why but I don't like that kind of taste. I love brownies, chocolate fudge, chocolate cake, chocolate syrup or anything with chocolate !!!

All time fave. Melted choc cake ! 

Now on to my SECOND! Something cute! ANYTHING cute. Cute notebook, cute packaging, cute toys, etc. What makes me guilty is I can't resist buying them! Which I always control. Yup, always and it's hard. So, you want me to buy your stuff? Make it cute, cute packaging(and cheap.) Maybe I consider..?

you know you can't resist this. If you someone like me.

My THIRD one is fandom. Yup. Fandom. Now, I'm obsess with Huger Games! As a tribute(hehe), I love the story so much! Freakin' love it. Now, I'm currently reading Mockingjay because I can't wait for the next movie to be release next year! I'll be sure to watch it next year! For sure. Being a fan of The Hunger Games, I also a fan of Jennifer Lawrence. She's one of the good role model because she's always speak of why people are so care of body weights. She wanted the word 'fat' to be ban on an interview. :)

So, what is your guilty pleasure? Share with me. Anything can be a guilty pleasure if you want to.
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That's all you guys! Goodbye and have a nice day :)

Song of the day : One Life - Justin Bieber
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