Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

    Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! Happy New Year!!!!

Alright! It's midnight now and it's officially 2014 ! *blow party horn* *celebrates alone* Well, actually I'm not really celebrating it. Just in my mind and I'm going to go to sleep after I finish writing this post because tomorrow is the day to go back to my 'lovely' school. Great, isn't it? Come on. Agree with me on this.(Not.) Well, should I do a 'New Year Resolutions' like everyone did? Should I really do it? Well, not feeling into it :) Why waste time waiting from 2014 when you can actually make it on the first place? Come on, answer me on this.

2014. Is the year that I will open a new book consists of my new life turning 16. Now, I can't wait for my sweet 16 birthday on November. Turning form 4 also. Facing new subjects, *cough*killer subjects *cough*. Will work through that! Remember that Marsya!

From me, Marsya.

Thank you mum&dad,families,relatives,friends,teachers,people that I don't know that knows me and my ONE & ONLY GOD. You that make this truly happens with your willing. Will always have Your name in my heart forever & always.

FOR NOW, what I wanted to see in 2014 is......

Well,that is like 1/4 things that I'll wait for 2014. So, what's 2014 going to feels? Great? No? Bored? just another plain old bored year? Hmmm, maybe you should think about that.

Okay, so that's all lovelies! Thank you for reading this post and Happy New Year to everyone! You have a splendid day and goodbye. :)

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