2013 is ending. Hello 2014.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

   Assalamualaikum! How are you? Wonderful? Merry? Happy? Joy? Sad? Uhh. Just put a smile and laugh about it.

Today is 24th of December! Which means I got about a week holiday left and then it's school time. Yeayyyy. Happy. (Not really..) Today post is just to recap back the memories that I kept through my journey in the year of 2013. Actually, it was one of my best year so far. Being surrounded with friends is a great moment. But now is the time to open a new chapter in our life.

Let's start shall we?

I still remember how I was terrified to enter 2013! Why? Because I'll be the PMR victim! The second big exam before SPM. But maybe, now I'm grateful because of 2013. From the 1st Jan till now. Still happy. If I rewind back to the past memories, I think it will be a mouthful(not really) of them since it's so many! The tears that I had to the moments that I can laugh until sleep is the moments that I can't take back. But I will never regret it.

Why I love this year?

BECAUSE. 2013 is the year that will be the last for batch 11/13(my batch). We don't know if next year there will be people who are transferring to another school or anything. This year also is my most hi and low year. There's fought between batch and friends. Between boys and girls (haha.) Months pass away with all the love-hate emotions. Sometimes , we just should forgive and forget. But people(including me) just forgive and NEVER can forget. Right? Tell me that I'm correct. ;)

My class :) Although not everyone here.

Some of my batchmates :) Love my batch ❤︎

Okay, so there's are some of my memories I shared with you guys. Well, what will next year be? New friends? New people? I hope my classmates will never forget me. :( Love my friends.Love my classmates. Love my batch.

2013 also the year that I learn very new things. :) But yeah, every day we will learn new things. If 2013 is well a , meh bad or not a good year for you. Don't worry there's a few days that you can actually make it wonderful! Remember that! Happiness is what you create, not what you'll get. (quote by Marsya Jauzi) Haha.

So, that's all! Not much to write actually. So goodbye everyone! :D


By the way, if you are a Victoria's Secret lover. I just bought three items from there because they had this FREAKIN' SALE. SO! If you a fan, go VS now! They are having a huge sale !!!! Even online! :D

That's all. Okay. goodbye. :)

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