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Saturday, December 21, 2013

     Assalamualaikum everyone! Girls! My followers! :D

Today, I want to write a post about body preference. I don't know why all of a sudden, there's a feel to writing this post. So, if you want to continue reading this? Go on! :)

In this 21th century, I always heard how girls love to lose weight to get more SKINNY. But, why? I mean, if you lose weigh to a healthier body then that's okay. Like from overweight to normal, that's good! But normal to underweight? But you just order a ticket to poison up your body and leads you to risk your life for a freakin' model body. Strict up your diet, eat only one food per day. I mean, it's ridiculous!

I have friends who are skinny, but they are actually healthy. Some people are skinny also because of the genetics. You can't deny that tho. You want to lose weight? Do it! Even I'm currently on the way to losing weight. But not to be stick-thin. I'm size 6, so is it wrong? What I want to say right now is, saying 'you're too fat' is just the same as saying 'you're too skinny'. I don't know if some people actually boast about how they are skinny or fat. But, yeah. Some things happen sometimes.


Sometimes, if you ask me. Do you actually want to be thin. Yup, I admit I do sometimes wishing to be slimmer. But not like this picture. Slimmer in my vocab is meant to be more fit. Healthy, fit! Energise! That's what I want! People always wishing to have like, flat tummy, thigh gap, slimmer legs, hourglass figure, etc. But just be happy with your body! People bring you down? Look at them and always think, nobody perfect! Even the most likeable celebrities got haters and there's us. People going to hate even a tiny bit from us. Remember that.

Again, you are a human being. Not a barbie doll that you want somebody to just play and not to love. If you guys had suffer anorexic, bulimia, an eating disorder or obesity before then don't return to that past. Be confident on your own body! Always keep yourself healthy!

Want to lose weight? Cut the fat layers? Congratulations! But it depends on your choice.

But if you think back. EVERYONE is beautiful. ALL girls in the world is BEAUTIFUL. The way they are created. :)

Nobody likes you? Remember, God is ALWAYS by your side.

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Okay! That's all! Goodbye everyone! :D

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