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Thursday, February 06, 2014

          Assalamualaikum everybody and happy Friday today :)

Originally, I just wanted to post 'bout the books that I've just read but since this week I have many favs to share so why don't I just wrote it all in a week favourites post? There's not much actually but well then let just go on shall we?

1. Music

Secondhand Serenade A Naked Twist In My Story Album
yup, whole album guys. Really, you guys should listen to this whole album. If your taste of songs are similar to me then you will probably love this. I, LOVE this.

Austin Mahone MMM Yeah (ft. Pitbull)
Love love love love love this very much. Austin really telling the truth on how his feature album will have varieties of music. The fact that he actually promoting old music. Don't be mad at him. I know this song is sampled on a 90's song. But he's actually promoting the song at the same time.

Justin Timberlake TKO
JT never upsets me. Lol. Even though this song is terribly long. I love it. Applause to you JT.

2. Movie

I know this is kinda mainstream and this is an old movie but seriously, watching this movie all over again never bores me. Beside Leonardo Dicaprio is in this movie, this is seriously an epic movie. Bring me to tears and emotions. (Lol) Watched twice this week. Wishing that Fox or HBO or Cinemax or any movies channel air Romeo + Juliet (1996) movie. Wanting to watch that again!

3. Skin care

DermaVeen Moisturizing Cream
If you're my school friends then maybe you'd recognise that my skin has getting drier when the temperature jolts down. Area around my mouth started to gets drier and attempted to peel. My hand also showed a sign that my old 'bestie' eczema will return. Then, my mom contacted a pharmacies to ask if there's a cream to treat me and she suggested this cream. So far, it's getting better but I'm actually aware with one or two of the ingredients. But as long as my eczema slowly diminish from my sight. That's fine for me.

Meditree Kakadu Plum Cream Cleanser
Also discovered this in the same local pharmacy mentioned above. Currently, I was just looking for a cleanser that satisfies me not just for the brand but actually the results. Hada Labo satisfies me so much but what contains in it worries me. So, randomly went through all the featured cleansers on the racks. I stopped by this unfamiliar brand. Reading the ingredients, I'm quite surprise that there's no 'you should avoid' ingredients. Hmmm, let me take a try, huh? Bought this and this is actually is very gentle cleanser. Satisfies me a lot! Let see the results another 3 months  :)

4. Book

Piece Of Cake by Kate Forster
I was in Popular the other day and just searching for some books to be read. (Since there's no Fixi's sold at Popular. What a bummer. ) I wandered around the racks that wrote 'Young Adult'. Searching for any interesting books that could captured my sight. Out of nowhere, my brother stood beside me and just randomly pulled a book and gave it to me. Didn't care less, I just read the title and the synopsis behind. Well, actually it's quite an interesting book. Took it and searched for another book.

The story centred a girl named Lola who's a daughter of a chef. But on the day that she was supposed to due to the airport, her father had an accident. Confuse, don't know who's going to cook for the cafe. Luckily, her friend suggested a hot, british boy who can actually cook to replace her dad temporarily. Hmm, what's next? Read this book then!

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher
I've been searching for this book for so so so long. Been in the New York Times Bestseller, curious to know what the story would be like. I'm actually thankful that I've finally got this book.

This book is about Hannah Baker who actually committed suicide. What we don't know is she's actually sending tapes about why she's done that to the person related. For me, it's an interesting story that lead us a reason to actually look at the world. From this story, it's shown that even the simplest thing can affect a WHOLE person life. Give this two thumbs up and 8/5 stars. Hehe.

THAT'S ALL of my favs in a week! Thanks for reading this! All the pictures are from my lovely mr. Google. Too lazy to take the pics. Okay, goodbye :) Sorry if I had any wrong grammars.

Song of the day : Who Are You by Fifth Harmony

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