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Friday, March 21, 2014

   Assalamualaikum and hello. How are you today? Doin' fine? :)

Few hours ago, I just finished watching The Journey, A malaysian chinese movie that just hit 16 million in box office! Which making it rank first in the malaysian movie industry and the first chinese movie to take the lead. Before watching the movie, I had a feeling that this going to be my next love and it proves :)

The Journey tells the story of Uncle Chuan (Frankie Lee), a conservative father with a rigid set of rules. When his daughter, Bee (Joanne Yew) returns home after spending most of her formative years in England with a fiance, Benji (Ben Pfeiffer) in-tow, Uncle Chuan refuses to give his blessing. With cultural differences and language barrier that could potentially damage the union between Benji and his loved one, he feels that something must be done quick. Uncle Chuan reluctantly allows them to marry but on one condition — the wedding ceremony has to be in the traditional way. Despite their lack of understanding towards one another, Benji and Uncle Chuan embark on a nationwide journey to hand-deliver wedding invitations to the latter’s childhood friends. Throughout the journey, the two learn valuable lessons about accepting each other’s differences.

This movie stars the beautiful Joanne Yew

and the handsome Ben Pfeiffer

and the father, Frankie Lee

To tell you the truth, this is really an exquisite story. Totally taught us lessons and tells you the actual meaning of LOVE and FRIENDSHIP. It's not a cliche kind of movie. It's actually let you fit in to the real life of the scene and let you know the meaning behind all of it. 

Of course, my favourite scene of this movie is when they blowing up the hot air balloon in the middle of the school. That scene really captures the beautiful scenery in Malaysia. 

Well. I hope if you don't watch this movie yet. GO WATCH IT. It's totally amazing :)

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