Half Term Breaks Homework! Starting as a form four students .

Thursday, March 20, 2014

    Assalamualaikum ! How are you doing? Fine :) ?

It's currently 9:42 pm and I'm just halfway finishing my chemistry. But that's not the end, 6 subjects more to go -,- *sigh* is this the starting point of becoming a form 4 student? Well, blame nothing. SPM next year. So, no complains and just go through with all the burden on me. 9A+. My target. InshaAllah.

So today, all the ex-students whom sat for SPM last year took their results. So, what MRSM Muar gets? 9 students got straight A's. But it's okay. They've tried their best and if thats what they get. There's a wisdom, right? BTW, congrats to my cousin! No matter how much you gets, there's always a better future awaits you. Doesn't mean SPM the one who leads you to the straight line. :)

There's ups and down. Straight line doesn't mean you're on a right path.
Well, now I am watching extreme couponing and amaze of how they can decrease to that amount! 4 to 5 trolleys full of groceries and only paid 5 dollar. Wow. Seriously, wow.

Well, that's all? So, bbye guys ! Off to resting my brain from wring it tomorrow for h/w.

Quote of the day :

Song of the day : The Silence by Arrow to Athens .

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