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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

   Assalamualaikum and hello to all the beautiful people on this Earth ! How are you doin'? Fine? Great? Today I'm going to write a random post. To fill in my boredom .. . .

A few days ago, I just bought a JUICER. Yes, a small juicer. What is a juicer? To make me juice, of course.

I have always wanted a juicer so I can throw all of my favourite fruits in only one cup ! Another reason is to try green smoothies . I've been exploring all the green smoothies recipes and can't wait to try one! Tomorrow maybe? For now, I just make fruit juices for morning drinks for these early attempts.

seems delicious. 

My result.

 Mixture of 

Red & Green Apple



Result : Delectable !

Will try more flavours soon!
Started to love juices more than cordial drinks and as soon as I arrive at the college, I want Sudee Cafe to make me lots of carrot juice. Only for me! *evil laugh*

So, that's all for this random post! 

Song of the day :  Bind Your Love by Cher Lloyd
Quote Of The Day : 

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Appreciated :)


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