Girls Day Out @ One Utama

Thursday, May 29, 2014

           Assalamualaikum and hello to ALL of you! Having a fine day? Me? Yes!

I just got back from One Utama with two of my friends. Readers, meet Mira and Fyna! :)
Mira is now currently studying at MJSC TGB while Fyna is with me, still loyal to MJSC Muar. 4 years friendship and only now, we got the chance for a girls day out. Even though just for a few hours but it will vivid in my mind like our 3 years Nilam memories. InshaAllah.

Mira : Blue Scarf // Fyna : Dark colour scarf

Originally, me & Fyna joined other Muarians for a day together but Sunway is just quite far from our homes. So we cancelled. (Sorry guys!) :(  Then we decided to go together to The Curve. So I asked Mira to join us (since we never EVER hang out together) and changed the location to One Utama. (My most fav place to shop)

After bought the tickets to see Maleficent, people are getting hungry so I brought them two to Food Republic for various choice of asian cuisine and I bought a delicious Thai dessert. 

Mango Sticky Rice

On the ticket, it says the movie starts on 12:20 a.m. but the ACTUAL time is about 12:40 a.m. Wow, 20 minutes for a commercial is just, I can sit for another 10 minutes to eat. I'm serious in this.

So, how was MALEFICENT? From the corner of my view, the movie is a pretty nice movie with the twisted fairytale of the classic 'Sleeping Beauty'. Angelina Jolie is a very gorgeous lady despite of her playing the villain very well. Overall, it is one of the must seen movie for families! :)

Even though we only spent few hours together but memories last, right? InshaAllah.

Selfie with friends are the best  ❤︎

That's all for today! & I arrived home safe and sound.
Alhamdulillah :)

Song Of The Day : Pictures by Conor Maynard
Quote Of The Day : 

sorry if my grammar sucks !

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