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Sunday, June 01, 2014

    Assalamualaikum and hello to all of you beautiful readers! Today is the start of the June so I'm going to tell you my monthly playlist for May. I was introduced to many songs for entertainment and a bit of the craze for it also.

So here's the start of it !

Just In Case by Conor Maynard

My most favourite song of this month! *fangirl scream* I love this song very much. I listen to it every day. First, because I love his voice and second, loving the lyrics. Can't believe that he going to hit 22 this year.

I'm not try'na get involved,
Girl I just wanna let you know,
That if you you ever let him go,
I'll be here waiting for you

Hold On We're Going Home by Christina Grimmie

Her appearance at The Voice is magnificent and deserve to be the Top 3 finalist. Sad that she didn't won, but hearing Josh Kaufman sang on the final, well there's a reason why he won. But, this song really deserve all the applause.

I got my eyes on you
You're everything that I see
I want your hot love and emotion endlessly,
I can't get over you

Faith by Faizal Tahir & Jaclyn Victor

#PrayForMH370. Yes, the moment that I'll not forget. This song brings all the emotions that the passengers family felt to the listener. How sad it is. Faizal and Jaclyn voice also light up this song and make it alive.

You will always be a part of us
Heart and tears we'll stand as one
You will always shine through times dear friend
As our lives go on we soldier on

Pictures by Conor Maynard

*Laughs* Conor song again! Sorry if it annoys you, but this is another song that keep replays in my head all the time. I know that this is Frank Ocean song but I love Conor version more than Frank's. (Sorry Frank's fan!) Loving the lyrics so so so so so much.

Tell me how could you take the pictures, pictures
When you knew they were all that I had left, nothing left
They were part of our history, this story
I was always taking pictures

Shadow by Austin Mahone

This song and All I Ever Need really shows the maturity side Austin. Rather than MMM Yeah that totally presents a boy who just wants a girl type of song. This song really encourages me to buy the whole album :)

Only my shadow knows
How I feel about you
Only my shadow goes
Where I dream of you and me

There you go! My top songs and not in order. Maybe it will continue being the hearing aid till June or changes due to season? I don't know, depends on me. So if you want me to post anything else.Tell me, I'll try ;)

What is your fav playlist ? 

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