Happy Father's Day :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

    Assalamualaikum and hello to all of you beautiful readers out there. I know this is a bit (not) too late to wish or write a post about Father's Day but, everyday IS a Father's Day to me. You got to appreciate your dad every single day of your life.

How was Father's Day start ?

Father's Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. Many countries celebrate it on the third Sunday of June, though it is also celebrated widely on other days by many other countries. Father's Day was created to complement Mother's Day, a celebration that honors mothers and motherhood.
(src: Wikipedia)

How Malaysia celebrated Father's Day ?

Fathers Day falls on the third Sunday of June. As a Muslim, we are supposed to pray for the wealthiness and the healthiness of father.

It's Father's Day and that morning before going to school, I totally FORGOT to wish my dad. That morning, I had two periods of Malay Language subject with Cikgu Adam. He started the class with a tazkirah about Father's Day. He read some kind of 'speech' that maybe gotten from WatsApp. He read for almost 15 minutes and the class filled with silents that I never felt before. For me, he read with passion and really strike through my heart and it ends with tears shield up my eyes. I'm actually embarrassed to cry in front of my teacher but I couldn't held it anymore. For one period, he talks about how valuable is a father. Yes, we do need a Mother. But it wouldn't be us without a father. But for maybe an exception, Maryam. The mother of Prophet Isa.

Some times, we should lay back and think about father for a while. Yes, we love Mom. Who doesn't? But father's also is the key to a complete family. Oopps, sorry for the orphans that doesn't have neither mom or dad or both. Don't worry, you have friends by your side.

For me, Dad IS the fierce one.Why isn't he? He's the leader of the family, he should be the main to teach us lessons. But dad also is my backbone since I'm still a toddler and now, a teenager that going her way to face SPM next year. I'm typing this post in the middle of the night in my dorm room just for you. :)

But most of all, I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK. Remember that.

Song Of The Day : Get Around This by Safetysuit

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