What's In My School Bag ?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

    Assalamualaikum and hello to my lovely readers out there. Today I'm going to show what's in my school bag. I don't have much in my school bag but it actually feels quite heavy if I accidentally over put things in it. Now, let's go! (p.s. sorry if the pictures look kind of dark. In my phone it looks bright enough.)

Tote bag : Naraya

My school bag is a small tote bag from Naraya, a company based on Thailand. It is in colour black and white. I love love love this bag so much and the price is actually quite affordable.

What's in it ?

(From the left) My dark blue with white floral pencil case and brown with (also) white floral mirror are also from Naraya. As you can see, the mirror cracked but I still use it since the crack is not bothering me. The pink floral is my calculator and the last one is my notebook. I only use the notebook to scribble or jot anything important but the book is still not written much yet. Still got a lot of empty papers that need to be written on. 

What's on my bag?

Looks like I've got troll face on my bag. I'm a sucker for button and I gets extremely excited when I found these buttons at the Bazaar at The Curve. Not to mention that the seller is a huge cutie. Bonus.

As you can see, I don't have that much stuff in my bag. Well, you're going to school and not the shopping parade, am I right? But apart of this I actually got one more thing which is a must to bring and that is sunblock! I didn't capture the picture of it because I forgot and too lazy to capture it again. So that's all what I need for my days at school. Sorry if this post is not that interesting but I just want to keep the blog updated. So that's all!

What's IN your bag ?

Song Of The Day : Shot Of Pure Gold by Max Schneider

Quote Of The Day : 

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