Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2014

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello everybody! Guess what, today I just went to the BBW sale at MIECC. Actually give me a time to appreciate how cheap the books are and actually went craze for hours. Searching for my book choice and weathered the crowd like it's crowded in there! Shouldn't be surprised since it is a freakin' sale. Wish Malaysia have this crazy sale for all the techs. I would actually have my own iphone now. *Laughs* 

What is Big Bad Wolf?

Big Bad Wolf or sometimes pronounce as BBW is a 24 hours mega books sale that have been heavily discounted from 75% to 95%. Omg, how great is that? It sells majority english books but that a good thing because Malaysian can actually learn more about that language easily than spend about rm30 for a novel at some normal bookstores. Luckily this year, BBW get a chance to have their sale open at Klang Valley which is quite near to my house and I got a chance to visit it! :D 

Me, my father and my lil' bro arrived around 9 a.m. and thank god, it ain't full yet and still had a lot of parking spaces. Even though it was still around morning, the hall were already crowded with lots of people! Well, it IS a 24 hours sales. So, my father said that if you like the book. Just freakin' grab it. So, I grabbed all what I could and it result to 13 books. Wow, I never expected to get that many but well, it's inexpensive so yup. That's my chance. I never get that sales deal from MPH ever, even being the most loyal customer ever.

So I get many many books and after counted, we bought 28 (I got 13) books! Oh and I did a calculation of how many percentage off that we get. Guess what? We bought a suppose (according to the book actual price printed) RM2103.79 for a RM332 !!! That's 84% off! How crazy is that? Now for all the book lovers out there, go get the books that you wanted for a long time but never actually get a chance, for a much cheaper price! It's affordable and still in a good condition. (Unless someone just tears it all up.) 

So, consider going to this book fair ?
Thanks for reading, love.

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  1. Thank you for sharing, I shall get some book too. :D

    Keep in touch,

  2. Oh! Are there a lot of selections in the YA section? Last year was pretty disappointing unlike last 2 years. ;D Can't wait to go!

    1. Yes, they have so many selections! Too many. Hehe :DD

  3. wow I've never heard of this amazing book sale but it sounds amazing! I love a good book and I enjoy reading a lot so I wish we had something similar where I live. Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog, I’m following you on Facebook, Instagram and G+, I hope you can follow me back to stay in touch.


    1. I meant to say Bloglovin instead of Facebook!

    2. It IS amazing. I went cray cray, haha. Alrite, I'll follow you :3

  4. I am from England, UK and I can never find any events like this! Crazy how much of a discount you get.

    I saw your link on Qiu Qiu's blog and thought I would check it out. Pretty impressed especially for someone so young. I enjoyed reading your blog :)

    Much love,

    Lauren Nicole O'Hara

    1. Hello ! I love UK! Really? I though you guys always have crazy sale. Black friday, cyber monday, boxing day, etc. Awww, thank you. Love you too <3


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