My Top 10 Favourite Youtube Channel Of All Time

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello to all of you readers! You know, watching youtube videos is actually a part of my daily routine if I had nothing better to do at home. Watching youtube also increases my knowledge about the world and people. Now I'm going to tell you my fav youtube channel all times! Not in particularly orders.

The most subscribe person in youtube with having over 30M subs and all he do is playing games. People watch it and he get money for it but I totally support him and proud to be his bros. He is so funny and really care for his fans. Maybe that's the secrets for having many subs? BROFIST.

2. Zoella
Present to you Zoella Sugg, my most fav beauty british youtuber. I always love her lush haul and her vlogs. Now she's currently having 6M subs and already published her own novel called Girl Online.

This channel is own by Jack Harries and sometimes featuring his twin brother, Finn. I like his world documentary that he always do. His videos always look beautiful and inspiring. I also like his travelling video, (since I like to travel myself) it makes me feel excited to go to some countries. Heres a video that he made for his girlfriend, Ella. So beautiful.

Ryan Higa owns this channel and ohmygod, I really admire him! He's actually the type of guy I totally have a crush on. *laugh* He totally has hilarious videos and I love his signature 'tehee' line. It's so addicting to say it. (I don't know why) He also makes good and funny music videos.

Michelle Phan is one of the biggest beauty guru in youtube and she totally gives amazing tips about make up and skincare. I love her latest series which is trends report that consist her giving latest trends from around the world. She is also a humble person and I always love her amazing video editing. 

Her name is Meredith foster and I like her cuteness, bubbly act of hers. She always has good diy's, fashion and fitness video. I also love her room tour since she has an amazing idea at room decor.

This is a parody channel made by Bart Baker and oh my, his parodies are hilarious but sometimes it's also offended but why not create a big laugh sometimes?

8. Cutiepiemarzia

Marzia is felix(pewdiepie) partner and at first, I subscribe to her because she is felix girlfriend but after watching a few of her videos I'm becoming her fan until now. I love her video 'cause it full of cuteness, her pugs and her simple diy's. I love hearing her accent. 


This channel is own by TheFineBros and I only watched their React series so it's fine that I put this channel as my top fave since I only watch the react series in their channel. I totally love the react series! Actually, I love watching people reacting to things. For me, it's quite funny and so entertaining. Teens react is my fav series out of all.

I discovered this channel when I was browsing through covers and stop by this channel to listen for some more. I love the songs that Kurt produces and I don't know how many instruments that Kurt can totally play! He totally can play many! I love when he work with Max Schneider and declares them The Schneider Monkeys. 

So that's all for my top fav youtube channel!
What is your favourite youtubers?

Song Of The Day : Decode by Paramore
Quote of The Day : 
Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing themselves. - Leo Tolstoy

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  1. Love the Youtube world! Especially during Vlogmas. I also am in love (for music) with Us the Duo!

  2. Ohh a couple of my favourites are on your list too! ^ ^

  3. Great blog post, I totally agree with your descriptions of the vloggers. :)

  4. Hi, there! I had watched most of this people since 5 years ago approximately, but I must say that my inspirations are Jacksgap & Connor Franta they amuse me everyday. If we say favs I will include Caspar & Joe. :)

    Mafer, Euphoric Wanderlust x

    1. Jacksgap also my inspiration and Michelle Phan too. Well, who doesn't love Caspar and his ridiculous jokes ? :D


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