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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


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             Assalamualaikum and hello everybody! Hoping that every each of you have a great day today and hoping that this post will not making your mood drops. You know, everybody have their choice of song right? Some like it jazz, rock, metal, r&b and many more so I'll tell you my taste in music. As a teenager, I got exposed to many levels of music and also learn how the quality of music effects you through it. Sometimes, I will study with earphones stuck in my ear. I don't know, but. When I do Math or doing practice, it just gets better. Maybe life with music is a calmer choice for me because I actually can't deal with all the silence. Even I can't sleep comfortably with no sense of sound. If it's a complete silence, I'm kind of ..scare. Weird, huh? But maybe that's one of my weakness. Phobia maybe?

Well, what's my favourite song's type ? Firstly, slow songs are always my top pick. Sad or happy but if it's a slow, I'll listen to it first than move on to next song. Here are my few picks :

Love Song Requiem by Trading Yesterday
Forever and Always by Taylor Swift
Lost by Michael Buble

Well, there's one of my few. You know, there's one day I put a piano love songs and they have two disc in it. The first disc consist of slow piano songs and the second disc is kind of to a pop kind of song. But when I play the first disc, everyone started to falling asleep except for me. Maybe it's pretty boring, huh? I don't know, I like a calmer music.

But you know, it's never wrong to liking a pop music, right? Actually, there's many pop songs that I like, but here are my few latest picks !

I Wish You Would by Taylor Swift
Not On Drugs by Tove Lo
I Want You by Nick Jonas

Well, that's a few. Hope you'll like the suggested song. I like them and a total aid for my ears. You know, Trading Yesterday is a really good band for the alternative and soft rock fans. I've been their fan since standard 4. Loving them. Love their works. ♡

Also for the muslims out there. Here are my suggest songs !

One Big Family by Maher Zain
The Chosen One by Maher Zain
No One Knows But Me by Raef

You know these songs really calm me and really put my trust on God wherever I go.  I think that's all to wrap up for this post.

What is your favourite type of songs? Do suggest .

Song of The Day : Talking Body by Tove Lo
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