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Sunday, March 15, 2015



    Assalamualaikum and hello to all my favourite readers. As you guys know (or not), I am a boarding school student and yup, living in a room fill with 4 person is incomplete without any snacks to munch. Well, there are various type of snacks that I usually eat or keep in my room. (But mostly eat since I don't usually bring snacks to my school due to limited space) BUT, my friends always have snacks in their lockers, under the table, in their bags and sometimes just anywhere. They always bring a whole stock of it and that just make me a happy kid. (Since, I don't actually bring any food). So, here is a list of my favourite snacks that my stomach always craves for.

1. Choco Pie/Coco Pie
There's actually two versions of it. Choco Pie is the original version from Korea and Cocopie is Malaysia's version and I totally love them both! What I love 'bout it? Of course, the chewy marshmallow inside it. That's the main subject of the pie. The tasty marshmallow and how it melts in my mouth is just... Oh, speechless.

2. Oreo
Yes, oreo. Who couldn't resist it? Oreo is totally my all time favourite snacks nor at the dorm or at home. I can totally mix oreo with anything sweet like ice cream, drinks or anything. Thank Mr. Sam for invented Oreo that totally took over the world for now.

3. Munchy's
Munchy's is a malaysia's brand and I totally like most of their snack except for their original collection. It taste nothing, like a normal, plain, tasteless biscuit. I don't like it. At least, add up a little ingredient to spice up their originals but no. So no for me. But other than that, my all time favourites.

4. Hup Seng
Again, another Malaysian brands. Wow, a local supportive you get here. Why the Hup Seng biscuits? Well, because their cream crackers are addictive and I'm totally in a crisis that makes me unstoppable from eating it. Whether it's their originals or the veggies. It's mouth watering. Don't get me say further of it. I just, can't. You got taste it by yourself.


5. Fruits

As a boarding school students, we are given food 5 times a day. I know, it's a lot right? We always are given fruits at lunch and dinner time and usually we get apple, orange, honeydew, etc. (But I usually don't take any of it since, I usually don't eat the given lunch and often full to eat any of their fruits.) But, fruits are a good to snack on if you suddenly hungry in the middle of the class. Totally a life-saver.

Well, that's all? You guys got to understand that as a student and as a normal teenager, I love food very much and it get worse when my time of the month come off all a sudden. So, thanks to these snacks. My stomach is pleased with all those delicious food. So, do you have your own favourite snacks? Share with me!

Thanks for reading ♡

Song of the day: I Want You To Know by Selena Gomez 

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  1. looks al so delicious but im so sick looking at these all are making my throat itch lol ahha

    1. Yup, sometimes I'm getting sick of all these food but yeah, my stomach never did. Haha :D

  2. Great snacks! i always feel like try new ones when I see them in store. Haha it can become a problem.

    1. Me too, sometimes cute packagings also attract me <3


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  4. such a god blog!!!! I LOVE OREOS!!!! my absolute faveeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! I want them now ive read this hahaha.
    Check out my blog:


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