Knock Knock December :)

Friday, December 06, 2013

               Assalamualaikum everyone :)

Now it's the 6th of December and it's curently 11:37 pm right now. Not sleeping yet
Okay, it's official. It's December ! But I'm in Malaysia and there's nothing change about anything... here... . I bet at the western side it is snowing. Ahhh, love snow. Just experienced snow once last year. But not this year :( But's it's okay.

*sigh* Actually, I easily get obsessed with something and soon get over it. Now I'm currently obsessed with LUSH. Yes, lush. What is Lush? Well, no Lush in Malaysia. (Hope they open one here :( )

Place of beauty happiness.

What I currently use now :)
Love this <3 p="">

SHOWER JELLY ! So far, I love this :) The scent is oh my god, I love it very much! I'm not a pro for describing a scent. But this smell is very fruity. (for me) and not in the waste side 'cause it's totally worth the price since it can be kept for a long time. Now, I REALLY wish Lush is available in Malaysia. Well, they opened in Singapore. Why no in Malaysia D:? Not fair :(

Still not fascinated by Lush? Well, do you see their bath bombs yet? For the bath sucker, here is for you!

Look at the name! Bath bombs. You simply put it in the bathtub and voila! it's spread or explode or I don'tfreakingknowhowtodescribeit? :)

Well, sorry if I bored you with this Lush products . I just happen to love them! If I can get one chance to enter the shop, I faint right away. Haha. 

Don't it make you want to just eat them? 

Well, someday. If I had a chance, I will collect money to buy these products! xD
(childish dream?)

Well, maybe that's all for today. SORRY for such a random post!

Currently listening : Shadow by Sam Tsui
Qoute of the day: 
Tribute to him :)

K, goodbye :)

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