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Saturday, December 07, 2013

               Assalamualaikum or hello people :) How's your day? I hope you have a splendid day! ♥︎

Okay, look at the title. Why I pick that as a title? Well, I just remembered something while I lied at my sofa. It's about my friend, Mira who is also my roommate for 3 years. Well, for who that know her she have been on serious diet and exercising to slim down her weight. Well, me as her roommate and her friend feel so proud of her achievement :) Now, she is beautiful. BUT, yeah there's a but. (Not about her) When time flies as her slimming down progress continues, many people asked her how did she manage to lose weight? What her secrets? Her tips? She was very kind enough to give her tips to keep her body losing weight. I always heard reply like, "okay I will follow your tips!" like or"thanks for your tips, Mira! " I actually kind of happy that many of my friends wanted to slim down and be healthy by following Mira's tips.

But what makes me kind of (sick) of some people. (Sorry if there's anyone are hurt by this) That yes, they follow Mira's diet tip like, take a small portion of food and anything. But have no courage to actually working out :( I know we, as a hostel student maybe have been stuck by a busy schedule that causes us to feeling tired. But take that a little bit of time for exercise. At least for a minor exercise to make you sweating or a cardio. Don't depend on just food. Well, I know that some people actually slim down by a strict diet or just eat healthy but no working out. But for me personally, that just not seems to be right. You actually slim down on the outside, but you do not know what is in the inside.

I know, this is FUN. XD

Workout actually make yourself extra healthy. It don't just burn off your calories but also make you sweat that can lead to a healthier skin. When you are sweating, you actually remove the excess oil off your face. But, after you are working out, you got to quickly wash your face. To avoid any dirt to enter your skin.Working out also make you more confidence on your body and level up your metabolism. Yes, everyone wants that high metabolism right? haha. But trust me, not EVERYONE loves high metabolism.

I want to slim down. Not gaining muscle! Not a long time ago. I also thought of that. I don't want to gain ANY muscle, just want to put a few weights off. That's all. But, Mira said to me that to put off a few weights, you got to build muscle then lose the weight. Which, I actually confused. But I pretended to understand what she's said. (Oh, me!) Other than that, you guys can also do pilates! What is THAT? Never heard of it? Well, I got introduced to pilates when I heard about the weight lost of Miley Cyrus. I actually fascinated to her sudden change. So I searched her tips then I heard that she did pilates.? So I search, search and search more tips about losing weight because maybe Miley lose weight from her gluten-free diet. Then I come across this how I lost 10 pounds video. One of the tips she gave was to follow Blogilates workout routine. So, that's how I learned about Pilates :)

Cassey Ho!

Now that is the school holiday. So, I got LOTS of time to spend. I will spend at least 25 minutes to workout. Workouts also make me feel proud of myself to be able to do that kind of cardio or something else. But, it's not for building muscle. Maybe a little bit for strength purposes.
I also eat food healthily, okay! xD I don't eat YOLO meals everyday. I just eat it on the weekends. Hey, you want to lose weight but also care for your body! (Haha, my body)

But I know many of my friends exercise this holiday :) LOL.

Well, I think this is going to be an end to this LONG post. Sorry for the long post. If you are not interested at this topic but manage to finish reading this post than thank you! I love you! So much! :D
Sorry if I have some grammar mistake in this post. :(

Okay, bye. Now it's 12:05 a.m. and I'm still wide awake :)

Song of the day: No Faith In Brooklyn (ft. Jhameel) by Hoodie Allen (Just discovered this song from one of Jc Caylen vlogs and lovin' it!)
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 Assalamualaikum or goodbye everyone :)

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