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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

  Assalamualaikum! or Hello Everyone! Directioners! Earthlings! How are you doing! Fine? Me too!

Well, on my hand now there is a Midnight Memories album and actually, I am pretty excited when I bought this a few hours ago and I got a calendar! :D

But sadly, I didn't found the deluxe album. *sigh*
Let me go through ALL the songs in it!

1.Best Song Ever
Their first single from this album. This song is like a happy-happy song, get it? For me, at least. Yes, it's not my favourite song from MM but it's not boring for me. Sometimes, this song can cheer me up :)

2.Story Of My Life
I LOVE this song. One thing is because the lyrics, Written in these walls are the stories that I can't explain/I leave my heart open but it stays right here empty for days/She told me in the morning she don't feel the same about us in her bones/Seems to me that when I die these words will be written on my stone. I love poetic kind of lyrics. That's why this is in my TOP 5 songs from MM. Also I love how the music video explains about their life. Zayn sister, Liam family, Harry mother, Louis parents and Niall brother made an appearance in the video.

What funny is that this song kind of reminds me of some what like 5 boys talking to one girl. Which (to me) is funny. Which like 5 guys fighting over a girl which is Diana. Actually, I wish this song will have a music video. I REALLY wish tho. xD

4.Midnight Memories
For me, this is a rock music. Not 1D kind of song but I actually enjoyed this song very much. The verse part seems like it shows the sexiness of them. Yup, really a slow/rock music. There's r&b in it too. I enjoyed Harry do the 'ouahhhhhh' part . uhh, I don't know how to describe it . Is it a kind of shout ? Lol.

5. You & I
I REALLY like ballad type of song. When I first heard this song, I just like..... Directioner explode. Love it :) It's a rock ballad music. I really love the guitar solo. Their voices, their feelings when singing this song. *sigh* In my top 25 most played playlist on itunes for sure! (Next to Moment, which is my most favourite song from 1D.)

6. Don't Forget Where You Belong
Personally, for me. This song is about even though a person like, travel or always leaving the places and always feel some what lonely. Always don't forget where you belong, which is your home. Your place. I actually like this song. It's not about lovey dovey song like they usually sings. This actually shows a mature side of them. So, this is the bridge of the song. Lights off when they should be on/Even stars in the skies above/Short days when the nights are long/When I think of the days I've gone/Don't matter how far I've gone–/I'm always feeling at home./Oh. & the wikipedia wrote that Niall co-wrote this song. Applause for you Niall :)

7. Strong
Before I bought this album. I've heard of this song from one of youtubers video. I don't remember who put this song in their video tho but I love it since the first time I've heard this song! Of course, this is a love song. Like what I've wrote before, I like to read so kind of poetic lyrics. People/Always/Trying to escape it./Move on to stop their heart breaking./But there's nothing I'm running from./You make me strong. It's basically about a guy that feeling breathless without his love ones. Which it is kind of sweet if a guy sing to their partner.

8. Happily
Happily is a song with the same 'one direction' style. Get it? I have all 1D album and this song is just the same. Nothing special to me I guess. But yeah, this song is catchy since the lyrics are mostly said that they're on fire. (Which I don't know why it seems like funny to me)

9. Right Now
FIRST THING. Don't get mad at me for writing this!!! This song reminds me of The Wanted. Seriously! If you listen to TW new album or the previous one. Or you simply a TW fan. You know that this song is kind of similar to TW style of music. But yeah, I like this kind of music to listen when I'm showering. It's a compliment, okay! I like to hear relaxing songs when I'm on shower.

10. Little Black Dress
This song is similar to Midnight Memories. From the tune, the music, the way they sing. Only the lyrics and a bit of adjustment and voila! Little Black Dress was born! Classic rock kind of song, huh ? Nothing special to me.

11. Through The Dark
It started with kind of a country like of song. I mean like, the guitar playing reminds me of country songs. A puppy love song again? Well, 1D is grown up now so does their songs.Oh I will carry you over fire and water for your love/And I will hold you closer/Hope your heart is strong enough/When the night is coming down on you/We will find a way through the dark. For the sake of love! I will sacrifice myself to carry you over fire and water and just let me burn! Oh yes, I like that!

12. Something Great
When you guys hear this song. Do you ever feel like this is kinda a 'christmasy' kind of song? For me, hell yeah! I know this song is not christmas related. But this song is kind of heartbreak-want you back-want you here song. XD. Not christmas! If it is, a sad christmas. But the music. Really, it have that kind of music!

13. Little White Lies
Totally laughing at this lyrics. Your hands touching me, they're touching me./And your eyes keep saying things./They say what we do/When it's only me and you./I can't concentrate./That's all I'm thinking about./All I keep thinking about/Everything else just fades away. It's weird since there's actually a young directioner here. Well, that's all just little white lies, okay. Or black lies. White lies seems innocent. Hmmm.

14. Better Than Words
This song is similar to their songs just like a typical 1D song. For me, nothing special (again) for me. But yeah, it's kind of catchy.BUT. Look at this. Best I ever had/Hips don't lie/You make me wanna sss/One more night/Irreplaceable (yeah), crazy, we're crazy.  This lyrics make me want to freakin' laugh. I mean, do you ever going to think what sss means? & it's Niall singing that part. (It's Niall right?) I mean, he seems so innocent. Can't imagine! I don't mind if Harry sing this part, but Niall? *Laughmyfreakin'assoff*  Anyway, he is my favourite member from 1D ;) Well, they've grown up isn't?

Well, that's the end of this album! NOW. MY TOP 5 songs from Midnight Memories!

1. YOU & I

Well, that's my top 5 and the finish of my review or reaction or something that you want to call. I am NOT a  professional critic. This is just from my own personal thoughts. I mean, maybe there's a song in this album that I don't really enjoy that you LOVE? I mean, not all people have same opinions right? :)

My ratings :

Well, I actually REALLY excited for this album and I expected MORE from this album But its kind of dissapointed me :( Not ALL songs I enjoy. Nothing special. But yeah, I recommend you to buy this if you don't yet! :D Don't worry, I am a Directioner :)

Btw, I like Take Me Home more than this album.

Picture quote of the day:  
awww, isn't he is just a sweet boy ? :)

Okay, so goodbye everyone! If you want to me review more! Just comment! :D

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